Flat Iron – a 200g steak at £10?!

Flat Iron

9 Denmark St, London WC2H 8LS, United Kingdom near Tottenham Court Road Station

f3The title says it all, doesn’t it! What else could beat a £10 flat iron steak in London when everything isn’t exactly cheap? But the caveat holds, as the sides, sauces and desserts could push your bill up to £20 eventually which was what we did. No regrets though as that steak was just beautifully done at Flat Iron. Infamous for their relentless long queues at the one near Oxford Circus, we decided to make our way down to the much quieter Tottenham Court Road branch that Sunday! Quality ensured, yet without the crowd, we had a great lunch!

IMG_9190IMG_9191Getting into that rustic, brick walled restaurant, and you realise it’s quite a hipster place actually. Laying on the table – Old fashioned mugs to fill your free popcorn appetiser which you munch on while waiting for the friend who is utterly late, a cute pepper grinder to spice up your beef, and that immensely cute chopper knife by the side (for what use I’m not so sure as the beef have been thinly sliced!). How creative could these cutlery get?

IMG_9195And there we go, the £10 steak we have all been waiting for. Devoid of fats, they were amazingly tender and juicy while beautifully grilled on the surface to yield a lightly charred fragrance.

IMG_9198While the Hong Kong buddy was satisfied without a sauce which I reckon could be eaten on its own, I preferred a traditional peppercorn one to cut through that meatiness. Very delicious, and with 4 other flavours to choose from, I will recommend the Bearnaise as that clarified-butter-emulsified-in-egg-yolk sauce sounds a decadent one to give it an extra umami body (Peppercorn was chosen as this was just one of the many less healthy restaurants intended). £1 for the sauce.

IMG_9196OK, I need my sides and there we got the Dripping Cooked Chips (No fries over here I’m afraid as this is British pride!) (£2.50) and Today’s Market Green (£2.50) – Poached broccoli salted lightly, this was cooked simply but tasted so fresh and crunchy. Delicious! And yes, we did end the meal with a rhubarb compote dessert that tasted so fresh and elegant!

f2 Not exactly a £10 restaurant, I was still satisfied even when the bill added up to about £20 each! Great service and food, how could we not recommend!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant 4.2/5 

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