Watami – Introducing their new signatures


Ion Orchard near Orchard MRT

A list of signatures that Watami has come up with together with some new dishes, it was a great catch-up with the insiders. Just three of us but we managed to polish off 12 dishes! Lets take a quick glance at the dishes we’ve savoured that night.

w13Watami Salad – One of our favourites that night to kick off the huge dinner. Beautiful chicken salad with the healthy greens and luscious pumpkin, pumped up by the creamy fragrant wafu sauce by the side!

w2Salmon, salmon roe and avogado salad, flavoured up with that creamy sauce. Very interesting presentation as this salad is piled into the shape of a burger but they could have gone easy on the amount of onions used.

w1Salmon and Roe Sushi Rice bowl. Simple but with everything made right, it could be the timely rice bowl for the famished!

w4Kagoshima Wagyu Beef Sushi. Thinly sliced beef that is rightly seared to emanate the fragrance that is needed to make it a delicious piece.

w3Wagyu Beef Hotpot. Bountiful with luscious, healthy ingredients, this pot was indeed a hearty one but could have scored better if the chef went easy on the sweetness of the broth.

w5Grilled Sting Ray Fin. Perfect Beer grub Watami came up with and I remembered having such a similar dish in Tokyo before which I thoroughly enjoyed. With that as a benchmark, the taste was spot on but the fin could be sliced thinner as the thicker chunks would give your jaws a good exercise.

w11Chocolate Lava Cake. Encapsulated in that dense, doughy cake, is the molten rich chocolate lava with a much viscous consistency.

watami1-001And these 6 other courses we stuffed into our bellies to end the night. Spider Roll (Soft Shell Crab), Special Assorted Skewers, Pork Cutlet with Scrambled egg sauce, Omelette Roll with Eel, Yuzu Cheese Cake and Watami Sake. We were stuffed!


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