Bijin Nabe 美人鍋 Tsukada Nojo – was just a 30min wait for that delicious dinner!

Bijin Nabe Tsukada Nojo

Liang Court near Clarke Quay Station

IMG_6419It could have been the longest time that I have ever wanted to try a restaurant since its opening. More than 2 years since Tsukada Nojo‘s first branch at Dhoby Ghaut, the notoriously long queue has never failed to put me off every time, even for the branch at Chinatown. And I was quite skeptical when the buddy mentioned that the one at Liang Court doesn’t have a mental queue and indeed, it was just a 30min wait at 8pm on a Saturday night. All thanks to the buddy.

IMG_6409Thick intense umami packed collagen broth Tsukada Nojo serves for their Bijin Nabe and it comes just like that, as a wobbly pudding at room temperature. Knowing the procedure in making these puddings by fully dissolving the chicken bones in an 8 hour stew, you could already imagine the amount of collagen goodness tasted when that blob melts!

IMG_6416And as the heating plate gets switched on…

IMG_6411IMG_6413And coming together with that hotpot is this boat of really fresh ingredients; soaking up that rich broth, these chewy meatballs, golden mushrooms, and fresh crunchy greens were on point. $50 for the hotpot set.

IMG_6421The royal flush set of sauces for your meat and the yuzu pepper was my favourite!

IMG_6418The original chicken namban was fried to a perfect crisp and with its batter not sticking onto its meat, these tender chicken cubes are made even fluffier and crispier. And that thick decadent egg mayo coating there gave it an even fuller body. We wished we could have some bread to make it into a sandwich though! $8.50.

IMG_6417Some fries with the cutie sauce that the buddy redeemed!

IMG_6415I rarely take alcohol but that OT night the stress just had to be let off by getting a glass of frozen beer. Frozen froth at the top that makes the beer even icier; and as you could have guessed, this isn’t found just anywhere. $9.

IMG_6422A few options for the carbo and while most people go for the familiar egg noodles, we opted for the Mochi Mochi noodles as that sounds springier and tastier. And indeed, this had the perfect consistency that I have always been looking for!

Not having to queue for a few mental hours, and with such a tasty, gratifying hotpot served together with many spot on sides, all at a reasonable pricing of about $45 each, this is indeed one of the must go branches I reckon.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.8/5.

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