Wild Honey – Slightly pricier but you know it’s a quality brunch

Wild Honey

Scotts Square near Orchard MRT

IMG_6847It might be slightly pricier than the usual cafe, using the cost of its Egg Benedict as a benchmark which is priced above $20, but I dare say the price at Wild Honey is definitely justified as the quality of its brunch should beat easily almost 80% of the cafes here in Sg (even without the need to try most of them). Slightly more upmarket, you are naturally also given more personal space with its more spacious and classy interior, fitted with plush, comfortable chairs. But most importantly, quality food is served here.

IMG_6849IMG_6850Not having ‘Egg Benedicts’ written on its menu board, it took me quite a while to search for it by skimming through the lengthy descriptions and we managed to decipher ‘European‘ as the one! Just like what was described, Two perfect poached eggs slathered with the thick, lightly spiced hollandaise sauce, with the fragrantly pan fried sauteed mushrooms both served on two thick fluffy signature Brioche, this was made a notch higher by wrapping them beautifully with the beautifully cured Italian prosciutto, that adds a meaty edge to it. $22. Although W loves egg ben, the English breakfast was preferred that day which looked equally delish and hearty with the big portions of luscious scrambled piled atop.

IMG_6851Scandinavian – Grilled fillet of fresh salmon, green asparagus, crisp potato rosti, drizzled with the Hollandaise sauce. It could be one of the few times that I was requested to choose the doneness of my salmon and medium was chosen which is the ‘rawest’ you could get at Wild Honey. Not knowing how it would turn out, this level of doneness was actually perfect for me as the moist was retained without having much of it tasting / looking raw at all. $28.

IMG_6856IMG_6859But the real excitement came when we had this for our very first time. I wasn’t an advocator of sweet-savoury fusion, and I always feel a little peevish when I see strong heavy savouries added to something that has traditionally and rightfully been sweet. Read ‘Canadian‘ too quickly and I got it immediately when I saw my cravings in it – Pancakes! Thick, fluffy stacks of buttermilk pancakes punctuated with the right concentration of air sacs, accompanied with the candied bacon, hibiscus berry compote and Canadian maple syrup. Individually they tasted marvelous but when eaten together especially when the honey is drizzled over the bacon and taken together with berry slathered pancakes, that was actually quite sensational. We loved it and the on-diet-plan W decided to forgo it eventually. $20.

IMG_6854Great Saturday brunch out at the Wild Honey and actually it was quite a binging day for us as Orchard has suddenly seemed to turn into one of the food heavens for us, with Tai Cheung Bakery, Honolulu Cafe, the refurbished Isetan supermarket – it will take some time to check all of them out.

Verdict: An excellent bistro. 4.8 / 5.

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