Sacha & Sons – With high expectations, we were awfully satisfied

Sacha & Sons

Mandarin Gallery near Somerset MRT

IMG_6940Like its sister restaurant Wild Honey, the lofty reviews that Sacha & Sons have garnered are absolutely well justified. Slightly bewildered by the menu initially as it’s not the usual brunch menu that you get, this consists of a mix of Mediterranean, Russian etc dishes which appeared quite unfamiliar to us. Blindly ordered, with faith put into the descriptions of each dish, the savouries were all spot on.

IMG_6934Cous Cous – Tossed with chopped cucumber, zesty tomatoes, chick peas and the spicy onion, together with some citrusy drizzle that gives the entire salad a refreshing edge! This wasn’t complicated but a great appetiser to start the meal off with. $6.

IMG_6933Latkes – Potato and Onion fritters piled atop with generous servings of Pastrami (meat that is brined, dried and seasoned with herbs) and slathered with a thick creamy splash of hollandaise sauce, definitely looking very American here with the generous hearty servings, but not at all queasy towards the end. Just like its rich strong colours, the flavour was equally heavy tasting as well. We like. $17.

IMG_6932All Day Eggs – Scrambled with Sturgeon and Caramelized onion, served with a huge fluffy sesame bagel. Adequately buttered, not totally minced and flavoured up with the smoked sturgeon, these scrambled eggs were definitely spot on. Cream cheese by the side that complemented the entire taste with its creaminess and fragrance when spread on that crusty dense bagel. $18. The bagel was so good that we got another for $3.

IMG_6938Blintzes with Sour cream and Homemade Jam – Very smooth and thin mushy crepes, this definitely has reminded me of the travelling days in Russia, where sour cream is largely used for their desserts and pancakes. Maybe not a big fan of an overdose of sour cream, we didn’t really enjoyed the cream intercalated between the multiple layers. Then again, that’s our preference but this dessert definitely felt Russian. $12.

IMG_6935A less familiar menu, but we were still able to enjoy the mains greatly! Very good service rendered and with prices tagged reasonably, it’s a little difficult not to pay another visit.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.5/5

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