Bird Bird – Very strong character in its interior decor, but skeptical of the lunch we had

Bird Bird

18 Ann Siang Road near Telok Ayer MRT

IMG_6981Ghetto styled, yet still retaining its hipsterish look, this is definitely one of the eateries that has scored perfect in its intended interior decor. Very strong in its character, Bird Bird has definitely caught my eyes to pay a visit to, especially when pictures of their luscious luncheon burgers and modern edgy popsicles are splashed all over the net. Seated at the counter seats with a widely spaced crowd, K and I liked the fact that we had our personal space, especially so in today’s increasingly claustrophobic cafes / eateries, but the luncheon there, we left feeling slightly bewildered and skeptical of.

IMG_6983Sides – Sweet potato fries + Unicorn Jizz. Well the menu here, as could be seen already, doesn’t make any sense so we had to clarify what unicorn jizz is before getting it. Truffle-infused mayo slathered generously on top of the partially crispy, partially soggy sweet potato fries, at $2 more for the mayo I reckon the normal sweet potato fries could have been ordered instead. $8.

IMG_6986Tuffled Chickenator. A plump juicy chicken patty that definitely would resonate easily with your childhood, as it tastes almost exactly like the Chicken Mcnuggets that you get from MacDonalds. The disappointment came when we saw the buns burnt to a carcinogenic carbon. Affecting the taste of the entire burger greatly, K has to scrap out the charred portions. $11.

IMG_6988IMG_6989Duckinator – Grilled duck patty, green papaya, som tum sauce. I was looking forward to an exciting flavour from this rendition when I saw its description and would have imagined the sour, spicy yet lightly sweet song tum sauce to cut through the heavy patty beautifully, giving it a refreshing, zesty touch. Instead, the song tum sauce was critically missing from this supposedly exciting burger, giving it that flat monotonous taste. $14.

IMG_6994IMG_6990The desserts saved the lunch a little though as we got the modern, creative popsicles – Strawberry cheesecake and the Matcha ice cream. $8 each. Very thick, creamy they are which definitely do not come cheap. I think I could have bought a box of 4 magnum with this price in the UK.

IMG_6995This super thick, intense matcha popsicle was so strong that I could literally taste the chlorophyll in it, if you have bitten through a matcha leaf, that’s the sensation you would get.

IMG_6996And the cheesecake one was so thick and creamy, cut through sharply by the sour berries.

Indeed, the popsicles fared better than the mains we reckon. Striving for a strong and heavy tasting menu, we felt that Bird Bird has quite a bit of catch up to do, especially the savouries. It was a pity though as the idea was there; the description of the flavours apparently have been thoughtfully paired but the lacklustre execution unfortunately killed it.

Verdict: An above average restaurant. 3.0/5.

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