House – A revamped menu!


8D Dempsey Road

My third or fourth time to House for the revamped menu, and I am pretty sure of their creed now – to serve up hearty, whomesome food that is comforting to the soul, with the use of heavier tasting ingredients and sauces. It may sound like a meat heaven and a vegetarian hell but is actually just as exciting for vegetarians, as could be seen from this beautiful plate of Rigatoni.

IMG_7100Baked Pumpkin and Goat’s cheese Rigatoni – Sauteed with the luscious sweet pumpkin with fresh sage leaves, made fuller with goat’s cheese and almond amearetti. $23.

IMG_7103Not the dainty type of vegetarian? And hope to have a bigger heartier meal, then the Portobello Schnitzel Bun could be the one. This huge dense portobello with a meaty taste and mouth-feel, is nicely breaded for that delicious crust and slathered with spicy mayo, made even heavier tasting with the provolone cheese, all contained in that healthy Arugula bun. Yes, and there we go, sweet potato chips by the side. $28.

IMG_7101Broccoli, Quinoa and Pom Pom salad – Super leaves, nuts and sprouts, tossed with Quinoa, broccoli and coriander and that thick refreshing pomegranate raita sauce gave the dish a fuller body. $18.

IMG_7096Baked Scallops on Shell – Seared Hokkaido Scallops, spiced with Mediterranean eggplant zaalouk, topped with Spanish Crumbs. $24.

IMG_7105Bacon & Egg in a Naan Jam –  Candied bacon topped with a super runny sunny side up (my yolk came out orangy red, how nourished could that be), paired with the spicy tomato jam and cream cheese. Very high calorie dish but that creamy New Zealand yolk sealed the deal for me. $22.

IMG_7099Bone Marrow and Steak burger with Bacon Jam – A plump slab of steak patty, made even crazier with bone marrow between the brioche buns that are further topped with onion rings and provolone cheese. $29. With so many heavy tasting ingredients utilised, the overall taste is indeed quite vivid.

IMG_7111IMG_7106Stinky meets Crispy Chicken Waffle – Har Cheong Gai sitting on that rich rice flour waffles that is given a witty spicy punch with that innovative sambal maple syrup. It might be the most Asian savoury waffles that I’ve seen and that combination works. Meant to be consumed warm though as the waffle turns harder when it’s left to rest for too long. $24.

The newly revamped House menu, as yet again!



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