8bit – Luscious brioche burgers they serve


231 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

IMG_9396Yes, one of the burger joints that remains so popular throughout the week in Melbourne, that you never see it really empty before, even on a weekday when the streets are pretty quiet. 8bit, is one of the burger places that should be visited in Melbourne when you crave for a rotund, fluffy, comforting burger.

IMG_9398The buddy and I know how high these junkies are in their calories, that we got one side and strawberry cheesecake shake ($7.50) for sharing instead of two complete meals.

IMG_9399Chilli Cheese fries – Beer battered fries, Chilli beef, Cheese Sauce, Jalapenos, Spring onions. Surprisingly quite spicy, this hearty plate of unhealthy fries was made even more heavy tasting and fragrant by the creamy cheesy sauce and chilli minced beef. The taste could be imagined, and yes it has that wholesome sinful flavour throughout. $8.50.

IMG_94008bit with cheese – Beef patty, tomato, lettuce, red onion, pickles, mustard, cheese, ketchup, 8bit sauce. Nothing exactly special and without any twist to the ingredients or taste, 8bit just knows how to keep its customers by perfecting the most familiar burger taste. What went really right for them was the moist brioche, that gave it a fluffier edge. Simply delish! $9.50.

IMG_9401So crowded apparently. I almost gave up when I saw the queue initially but luckily didn’t have to wait for long before I managed to get two counter seats while the buddy queued to order. IMG_7572

IMG_7541A pretty enjoyable and cooling walk at the Melbourne Royal Botanical Gardens we had before the delectable dinner at 8bit!


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