Manchester Press – The Bagel Cafe

Manchester Press

8 Rankins Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

Manchester pressAnd finally, the first cafe post for cafe heaven Melbourne. Got to this part of Australia with really high hopes for their cafes, but left feeling that Singapore isn’t doing too bad after all. And actually restaurants are still my favourite over here. Having some time in the day before our first road trip out to the Philips Island, we had a quick brekkie at the Manchester Press at a quirky side street in the city centre first.

IMG_9404Flat white.

IMG_9406Not a coffee drinker at all, it was quite a no brainer when the Matcha latte was spotted on the drinks menu. Surprisingly good with the intense matcha flavour coming through strongly.

IMG_9408Specialising in bagels and only bagels, the menu is divided simply into the open and closed bagels. Chose the closed one and the 14 hour bbq pulled pork was ordered – Texas style bbq pulled pork, soaked in BBQ sauce, topped with house made slaw and pickles. The pulled pork was on point, beautifully shredded and drenched deliciously in the heavy tasting bbq sauce while the bagel was crusty enough on the outside but somehow lacks in the fluffiness and moist that would have otherwise make a really good bagel. And I dare say, Sacha and Sons in Singapore could beat this hands down with its super crusty bagel that is filled with the right fluffiness within and sesame fragrance on the outside. In addition, I wasn’t too impressed with the pretzels and gherkin added randomly as a side. $16.

IMG_9410MP Club sandwich – Thick cut turkey, grilled bacon, cheese, sliced tomato and mixed greens. Topped with a cranberry and chilli plum relish. Not exactly my favourite mains over here as the cold, drier ingredients make this less wholesome and hearty I felt. $15.

IMG_9405It was a pretty OK meal, service was good but I guess this first cafe actually helped to calibrate my expectations for most cafes both in Sg and Melbourne.

Verdict: A good cafe. 3.3/5.

IMG_7643En route to the Philips Island, we stopped at the Moonlit Sanctuary and this cutie Wallaby was too cute to refuse it from its feed.

IMG_7635IMG_7626Really love playing with them don’t I!



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