Treasures Yi Dian Xin by Imperial Treasure – Delish, but more for couples

Treasures Yi Dian Xin by Imperial Treasure

Paragon Shopping mall near Orchard MRT

IMG_8237.JPGYi Dian Xin, simply decorated, but apparently resembling a more upmarket cha can ting with their pristine white walls and flooring, this should be a dim sum meant for a good family gathering I thought initially but Yi Dian Xin somehow has employed a slightly different concept as all or most of their dim sum is served in pairs, more suitable for couples or even numbered groups. Nevertheless, all the dim sum randomly ordered were actually surprisingly on point, defying the stigma that most chain restaurants hold.

IMG_8232Treasure’s signature noodle with pig shank, beef brisket, wanton and shrimp dumpling. This is an easy order as it embodies the essence of Hong Kong soup noodles by dumping all the popular ingredients in. Crunchy rotund wanton we have, together with the super tender beef shank and gooey beef brisket, this is perfected by the springy egg noodles soaked in that intense yummy broth! $10.80.

IMG_8236Sliced charcoal grilled pork collar. Grilled to a light charred fragrance, these slices of tender pork collar were pretty well marbled and what makes it a winner is that beautiful honey glaze that the slab is coated in. So good! $8.

IMG_8235Stuffed prawn in crispy wrap with wasabi in Mayonnaise Dip. Where’s the dip we asked and the waitress told us it has been stuffed lightly in the wraps already. So crispy the outer perforated layer is and not only does the texture sets this apart from most other predictable ones, the prawns are also beaming with strong flavours there, that really doesn’t not shine even if the wasabi is amiss. $4.80.

IMG_8238Steamed Crispy Rice roll with shrimp. How not to be sold when my favourite dish is made impeccable here. Wrapped in that slithery cheung fen, the plump crispy layer was substantially stuffed with crunchy fresh prawns. Only filled with regrets if this is conveniently missed. $7.80.

IMG_8234Deep fried Porcupine bun with red bean paste. Very brittle crust there that is slightly dusted with a lightly sweet glaze, further complementing the smooth red bean paste in it. Very delicious! $4.20.

IMG_8239Steamed barbecue pork bun. It may sound very common, but this might be one of the fluffiest that I’ve had while that really tender char siu within is legit. $3.20.

While service is rushed as there is a perpetual queue, dim sum served over here remains refined and is really spot on that I am already planning for a return soon.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.5/5. 

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