Kohaku – The 2nd Tendon in Singapore; definitely brewing a storm here.


Suntec City near Promenade MRT

IMG_8317They have only just opened for a week or two; instagrammed just a few times and the dinner queue now starts at 5pm on a weekend! I was flabbergasted when I walked past Kohaku restaurant at 4pm and it was already packed. The second tendon restaurant to open after Ginza Itsuki heralded the first tendon restaurant in Singapore with its impeccable set meals, Kohaku will definitely be hot on Itsuki heels for the crowd.

IMG_8319Got the Spicy Tendon set meal for $19.50, and we were served this complementary bowl of refreshing sliced radish, punctuated with the zesty yuzu peels. So good that we almost finished the whole bowl of it!

IMG_8320I chose the set that came with the udon which wasn’t seen ordered by the customers around us, as after all this is a tendon specialty restaurant. But, this bowl of soup udon is in its own right, perfected in many different ways. The udon noodles, in contrary to what is commonly seen, is flat and has the perfect springier consistency, which in my opinion is the higher echelon of the udon specie. And that light tasting broth was so delicious that I finished it.

IMG_8321IMG_8323And then, here comes the luscious bowl of spicy tendon. Loads of fresh ingredients on top such as a huge slab of chicken, two utterly fresh crunchy prawns, corn, long beans, a wide slab of delectable squid and mushroom. Fried to a beautiful crispy batter and drizzled with the spicy sweet tendon sauce, this definitely hits the spot! But take note that the spicy tendon sauce does indeed have some kick there; so if you are not good at spicy food, then opt for the original rendition.

Now here comes the inevitable comparison with Ginza Itsuki. Both have their strong points but I guess if I were to choose a winner, Ginza Itsuki appeals more as their tempura poached egg and runny yolk indubitably gave the entire bowl a creamier body and an extra edge. That said, I believe long lines will start to form outside Kohaku soon.


Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.5/5.


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