Inaniwa Yosuke – One of the highest grade udon served at the Wisma Atria Japan Food Town!

Inaniwa Yosuke

Wisma Atria near Orchard MRT

IMG_8510Wow, what a surprise as I didn’t expect such an outstanding quality from the newly opened Japan Town at Wisma Atria! Just like many other similar openings, my initial impression was that this is just another gimmicky town that just wants to attract the masses with this popular theme as everyone knows that Japanese cuisine owns a big market share in the Sg food scene. But upon stepping into here, immediately you would realise, from the interior decor to the names of the restaurants, to the chefs and to even how the queue is managed, this Japan food town is an exact replica of what you would find at the topmost levels of any plush shopping malls in Tokyo or Shinjuku (IOIO or Takashimaya)! 16 stalls available, I decided to queue for Inaniwa Yosuke (even the name is profoundly Japanese and not easy to remember) which functions as a udon specialty stall. Before stepping into it, I was already very impressed by their way of managing their customers. Empty seats and tables spotted but the very first person will not be seated until the orders are reduced to a manageable volume; QC checked! And you could be confident of your dining experience later on.

IMG_8505IMG_8508Not just any udon restaurant as the highest udon grade is sourced over here, and unlike the rotund ones that most are more familiar with, Inaniwa uses the flat ones which have a harder and bouncier consistency which would definitely give you a very satisfying slurp. Served cold or in a bowl of clear hot broth, my favourite is the chilled one as it goes impeccably well with the wasabi flavoured dipping soy sauce.

IMG_8502Quite a few different sets available, the tendon set ($29) was chosen as it was an utterly famished night. What was initially misconstrued as pig’s blood, was actually a saucer of intensely marinated mushy aubergine. Very authentic indeed.

IMG_8507A bowl of warm and clear delicious broth this flat springy udon is soaked in, I almost polished it clean.

IMG_8509And apparently, the udon is the star over here as its tendon is less well garnished as compared to a tendon specialty restaurant like Kohaku or Ginza Itsuki.

Very impressed we were, this is actually, pretty much comparable to what you could get in a very decent Japan Udon restaurant and it would be pretty much cynical to even fault the udon over here. Very delicious, great service rendered, it is only logical to explore the other restaurants in this town. We shall see!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.5/5.


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