Grossi Florentino – Pretty delicious, not the usual Italian restaurant

Grossi Florentino

80 Bourke St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

IMG_9460Instead of the Michelin guide, Aussie functions with a Hat system, with three Hats being the most prestigious of all. Not too sure how great or marvelous a hatted restaurant should be, we actually got into one on a Friday night without making any booking at all. Not the initial intent as I wanted a hearty Italian meal from some Pizza and pasta specialty restaurant, we decided to give Grossi Florentino a go still as it seems to serve pretty decent grill and most importantly, there are some free tables already at 9pm!

IMG_9461Warm bread with a crusty crust served the moment we sat and we could feel the friendliness in the service already. The menu, though is a little annoying as everything is in Italian (Could the Aussie understand all of them?), was gone through patiently by the amicable waiters and waitresses there who are always wearing a wide smile (Thumbs up for them but I guess they must be very well paid as the minimum wage there is actually quite ridiculous).

IMG_9463S and I both got the O’Connor Hanger Angus steak (200g) each that was beautifully grilled to a light fragrant char while the chunk within still retains its pinkish red hue. Very tender with a beautiful crusty outer layer, this was perfect. $42.

IMG_9464Potatoes roasted with Garlic and Rosemary – Very straightforward, yet with much precision evident in this dish. The potatoes were desirably moist and complemented with that crispy skin, all uniformly permeated with the herbal rosemary; perfect side for the steak. $12. I think this was the only item written in full English!

IMG_9465I need some greens and so the Cime Di Rapa stir fried with Guanciale was ordered. With just that written on the menu, it was impossible to understand without asking. Its taste – A little like the texture of broccolini, flavoured up by the slightly greasy but fragrant cured meat. Not exactly a healthy dish, but a definitely a delicious side. $12.

IMG_9466And we officially proclaimed that the tiramisu over here is legit. A large bowl will be brought to you and before you think your $10 dessert would be the best-value-for-money item ordered from the menu, a large decent portion of tiramisu will be scooped onto your plate. Very moist, strong intense coffee taste with that madly creamy, smooth mascarpone cheese, we finished this big chunk in just a few mouthfuls, without leaving any traces of the cream.

Oh and before we end, Grossi Florentini functions as both a fine-dining and casual restaurant, as they are split into two different storeys. Reckon that food here is straightforward but each familiar dish has been thoughtfully perfected. We were glad that our random choice was a satisfying one!

Verdict: A good restaurant. 3.8/5.


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