Maziga Indian Grill & Bar

Maziga Indian Grill & Bar

3C River Valley Road near Clarke Quay MRT

Opened by the owners of Punjab Grill, but held in a totally different area that is filled with a more casual crowd, Maziga Indian Grill & Bar could be recognised by their tapas serving style, filled with theatrical effects for certain dishes while new, intriguing elements are thoughtfully introduced into most dishes to spice up the excitement.

IMG_9530IMG_9531Maziga Munchies
Masala Pasta Fries. $9.50.
Tava Grilled Bhavnagri Chilies stuffed with Amul Cheddar Cheese. $9.90.

IMG_9537IMG_9538Bite size Tapas – Sweet & Sour soya glazed Tandoori Jerky Lamb Ribs ($24.90). Tandoor Smoked Apple Salad crispy Soft Shell Crab ($18.90).

IMG_9543IMG_9544Veg Tapas – Paneer Chili Tikka ($16.50). Wok Masala Fries with Chili and sweet glaze ($9.90). One of my favourite cheeses, the paneer over here could have been cut smaller I reckon, so that a higher surface area could be flavoured up with the chili tikka.

IMG_9547IMG_9549Chit Chaat Bazaar – Mumbai Chowpatty Beach Ragda Pattie ($13.50). Old Delhi Golgappa Chaat with Chilied Jaljeera Oxide ($12.90).

Maziga Burgers & Chips & Pizza – Lamb Galouti Kebab in Maska Pav ($12.50). Amritsar Fish & Chips ($9.50). Naan Pizza topped with tandoori smoked chicken or paneer tikka ($12.50).

IMG_9552Main Course Veg – Wokfried Paneer Tacos that is stuffed with a dry masala of cottage cheese and corn ($16.50).

IMG_9553Main Course Non-Veg – Red Snapper ($20.50). This was actually the favourite dish of the night as the soft, tenderised snapper is lifted up beautifully by the creamy sauce reminiscent of a flavourful curry. I had almost one whole snapper on my own.

IMG_9557Desserts – Masala Chai Kulfi White Forest Candy Floss. $13.90.

We see the potential there with the meticulous cooking techniques displayed, but are slightly uncertain if it is wise to have too many fried dishes on the tapas menu as it may not pander to the general crowd.


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