Ninja Cut – A rare post for a cafe

Ninja Cut

Near City Hall MRT

IMG_9871.JPGRarely a post on cafe, and usually a personal preference not do so as most cafes are usually more often than not just trying to hop on the cafe bandwagon with their mediocre but unapologetic food served; and most importantly they don’t come cheap. Ninja Cut, though, is one of the few that I think has executed the savoury immaculately; not overdoing the plating whatsoever, the focus is more on the robustness of the flavours and how hearty they taste, which got the nods from both of us. Compared to far prettier and spacious cafes like the newer ones at Millenia Walk, this might be bluntly termed as another ‘cluttered’ cafe. Yes, it is quite challenging to weave through those narrowly spaced tables and despite doing my my cardio weekly, I still kicked someone’s bag accidentally while trying to get my water refilled.

img_9867We see why their bowls are slightly more unique than the usual cafe food as the main ingredients used aren’t just our favourite and usual avocado, salmon etc but a full slab of wholesome squid there that has gotten its consistency right. And made unmistakably fusion with the crunchy miso cucumbers, onsen egg and honey glazed carrots with some sauteed mushrooms at the side, this Squid Fix tasted not only refreshing yet delicious as well! $18.

img_9870Then we move on to the hearty mains, this Cheeky Cheese is one that I highly recommend. The star in that plate – the grilled cheese sandwich that has a messy mesh of melted and semi-melted cheese in it which gave it that coveted stretchy consistency and savoury punch. The 24h braised Japanese curry beef cheek was tender and heavier tasting but shouldn’t be eaten together with the cheese sandwich as both do not share the same platform. That said, this was still a very hearty grub. $18.

img_9869The buddy yearns for something healthier and thought he could get away with the Salmon Confit but exactly the opposite as these poached eggs were drenched with the ever fattening hollandaise sauce and the toast has been spread with butter. Not my kind of brunch plate, however, the salmon was commendably prepared well to medium cooked. $18.

img_9868img_9875And just as we were about to finish this matcha cake, I realised the marbled outer layer looks more tantalising that the green sponge. Cream cheese used to turn it into a more English overall, this was a hearty slice that I could get used to. $8.

img_9865And that’s my favourite bowl of all. Ninja Cut does have the cut to be marketed as a brunch place without serving run-of-the-mill brunches as the fusion plates served are straightforward, hearty and delish. The service crew is energetic here and the only improvement I could think of is to lower the air conditioning by 2 degrees.

Verdict: A good cafe. 3.8/5.

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