Pompompurin Cafe – Enjoyed thoroughly at the themed cafe

Pompompurin Cafe 

Orchard Central near Somerset MRT

img_9928Not a fan of above average cafe food, but the overflowing cuteness at this Pompompurin cafe managed to elevate greatly the relatively decent food served over here, making it so compelling for a review post on the blog. For families with kids, this is always a heaven to be in but for adults like us, it would be the perfect hangout when you just need that stupid cuteness to relieve all that stress in you after a long week of work. Having zero expectation for the food (as long as it isn’t revolting), we gladly hopped into it for a fine stupid, cute experience. And the best part? The mad rush to pompom seems to have died down and there wasn’t a queue in sight which made it double sweet.

img_9936The moment we stepped in, we were immediately greeted by the lusciously coloured maple leaves and smiley pompom with his friends. And the different areas you can sit at have all been thoughtfully designed to render different experiences. My favourite of all, is the naturally lit garden table by the window as it somehow has a calming effect, just in time for the invasion of Pompompurin.

img_9933And indeed, we got the silly character plushie sitting next to us and it’s tough not to take some memories home with it!

img_9942Totally star struck, that huge ball of rice just looks so endearing with that beef cap on his head. Cuteness aside, this plate was pretty decently flavoured as the tomato cream stew had the punch but perhaps lacking in substantial ingredients. And the scrambled fell short of the buttery fragrant ones that we always crave for. $19.

img_9950Pompompurin’s coconut milk chicken curry was the preferred savoury main as the thick curry sauce was filled generously with tender chicken cubes. A very normal and palatable dish otherwise, this was made so much more enjoyable with all the stenciled ingredients and that huge smiley face. $18.

img_9955The drinks section though, is just a page of overpriced thirst quenchers as this Love Love Hot Marshmallow Latte costs us $13. Fortunately, mediated by the lunch set promotion, this exorbitant pricing has $3 taken off as long as you get a main and drink, that makes it more bearable. Unable to forgo the cuteness like most tables, we still ordered them!

img_9948And Pompom is feeling all too tired at the huge amount of food for himself. $12 for the Mango juice.

img_9956Quite impossible to not feel less unhappy after having that silly meal with Pompompurin!

img_9945And that’s the final selfie with him.

Objectively, the food here is really pretty decent and wouldn’t make you so dissatisfied that you would grudgingly walk away, feeling that it is just a cute cafe with an utter lack of content in it. A return visit is actually on the cards, till then when we feel we need to relieve that pent up stress again!

Verdict: A good restaurant. 3.6/5. 

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