On Yasai – Buffet but quality is there

On Yasai

Chijmes near Cityhall MRT

img_0121There is always this motivation to write for a restaurant when there is something really outstanding (not necessarily something good) about her. On Yasai, its remarkable bit is that the quality isn’t compromised at all despite it being a buffet restaurant. With three different options to choose from starting from $33.90, we got the 2nd tier at $39.90 that serves 5 different kinds of meat – pork, beef and chicken, together with a healthy variety of seafood! Take note that the cheapest one has got the seafood section omitted, which I couldn’t bear to forgo! 6 soup bases to choose from, we got the truffle mushroom and Hokkaido miso. Ingredients were on point as they felt reasonably refined while the broths undeniably flavourful. And that’s what you essentially need for a good hotpot – fresh, succulent ingredients, and a delicious pot to dip your stuff in, not forgetting a strong air conditioning on top of you for a cooler experience which unfortunately, was slightly lacking in On Yasai when it gets packed. The temperature was bearable however.

img_0124My favourite platter actually, with those fresh prawns made sweeter by the broth and not feeling sinful at all as we gobbled down two rounds of fish. The sliced squids were commendable with its slightly chewy consistency that doesn’t get cast into stone even when they were forgotten in the pot.

img_0125img_0132Thinly sliced pieces of pork, that allows a quick dip in the pot!

img_0126And I just had to have two rounds of the vegetable and mushroom platters as the leek, carrot, vegetables and mushrooms served were really fresh and luscious looking, which further ameliorated the flavours of the broth.

img_0133Balls are one of my favourite items in a hotpot setting. Out of the chicken and cheese ball and lobster balls, the lobster was the clear winner for me with its bouncier consistency and more generous fillings. The cheese I could have imagined it melted and tasting like the ones I had in Hong Kong but somehow was a little lacklustre as it didn’t feel as cheesy and was a little salty.

img_0127img_0136And a beautiful healthy pot after every single bit has been dumped in and it’s ready for the first round of eating!

img_0137And everyone gets a choice of an ice cream flavour which were not to be taken lightly and the flavours were intense surprisingly. The sesame was the favourite as over 90% is made of black sesame (OK, that might be exaggerated but we know what that means to its flavour) while still having its creaminess retained!

img_0131This could be classified as the first CNY meal I guess, with so much to eat and dishes abound! Huat ah!