Torafugu Tei (Puffer fish) – So good, not expensive!

Torafugu Tei

2-14-15 Nishi-Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Finally, I found the drive to write for the Tokyo restaurants that I have been to in December 2016; it should be the 8th time in Japan but Tokyo seems to be the most exciting city to be in (though most might disagree and opt for the more scenic Hokkaido or historically richer Kyoto), as it definitely is still the top city in Japan when it comes to FOOD (stamped and chopped). A major throwback but this puffer fish restaurant or Torafugu Tei is one that I felt compelled to give a review on. Not any Michelin starred, not even an old restaurant with any history to brag about, but just really a chain that perhaps most Singaporeans would shun away from as they are usually perceived as less authentic. And as we kept passing by the live puffer fish tank as we take the same metro station daily, we googled, a decent puffer fish kaiseki dinner for just about $70?, we just need to give this a try! IT IS A STEAL!

img_1533And so there our kaiseki started with the chopped fish skin; bouncy, springy – the kind of consistency that we love as you dip into the cold refreshing yuzu shoyu. Delicious!img_1534The sashimi was the one I was greatly looking forward to as this caught my palates when we had our first experience in the only fugu restaurant in Singapore. A thicker and tougher texture it has, the sashimi is a test of the chef’s knifing skills as only the translucent ones would be palatable. Indeed, this was of the right thickness, thin enough for the blue to be seen and with the zesty lime and refreshing greens, it was just perfect.

img_1543I am just so amazed by the huge variety of delicacies that a huge puffer fish could be turned into. KFC? no it isn’t though it has the consistency of chicken with a super fragrant fried batter tightly wrapped around it! img_1546A wefie needed here as we have enjoyed everything thoroughly so far.

img_1538img_1541And the main dish – that vibrant hotpot we had. So simple, yet made so delish easily by the freshest greens and I have to say, I was a little taken aback and saddened by the twitching fins as I guess they were freshly butchered in the kitchen. Then again, this hotpot felt very comforting on a cold wintry night.

img_1542Waiting patiently for it to boil!

img_1551img_1553And at the end of the meal, it will be turned into an egg porridge. Simple, comforting and light tasting yet still maintaining that delicate balance.

img_1556A simple ice cream dessert to round off the wholesome meal!

Its price point, the quality, they both are just incredulously perfect that you can’t reject!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.2/5.