Fujiya 1935 – The outstanding meal that Christmas reminded me of!

Fujiya 1935 

Japan, 〒540-0026 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, 中央区鑓屋町2-4-14

DSC_1203As my previous michelin kaiseki experience seems to suggest that the flavours in Tokyo are much bolder and electrifying than the Kansai region, we took a gamble and decided to break away from tradition. Paid a visit to a Spanish-Japanese fusion Michelin restaurant this time round, and it was the best Michelin experience during this entire trip, partially due to our familiarity with the Kansai palates that made those meals, good in their own right but slightly less exciting. Fujiya 1935***, one of the four restaurants in Osaka with the highly coveted three stars, was where the memories were made. With only one menu that changes seasonally, this Autumn one ¥15000 took us through an exhilarating ride that lasted for 2.5h, after which we could only crave for more.

DSC_1202Longtooth Grouper from Nagasaki and Shimonita Leek – Simmered together with tomatoes and a little bit of olive, this broth, perfumed thoroughly by the sweetness of the grouper, tasted light yet extremely refreshing.

DSC_1206Soft Cod Roe and burdock with Autumn truffle – With a little bit of chilli spice cutting through the heavier burdock soup, the flavours of the fried burdock and flamed cod roe has been lifted beautifully.

DSC_1215Spaghetti, Tanba wild boar and carrot sauce – It was only a small tasting portion but the porky umami-ness exuding from the light creamy spaghetti was unforgettable.

Sandwich of Shitake Mushrooms – Slotted in between these wheat biscuits lies a creamy slather of heavy-tasting mushroom fillings.
Fried Lotus root, Ginko nuts, mukago – It might be a fried dish, but definitely not one-dimensional with its multiple textures within it. Continue reading