Tottenham Court Road

ImageDim Sum platter. The steamed and fried dim sum were all marvellous even though i prefer eating steamed dim sum. The steamed spinach dim sum is filled with crunchy prawn, mushroom and topped with a rich and fragrant sauce, the dumpling is really delectable. The other steamed snack is filled with fresh prawns, mushroom, and some other ingredients which I can’t really remember but the whole combination makes it really flavourful. The skins for both are really different, while the green one is thicker, slippery and not sticky, the white one is a little stickier but thin and suit their themes well. The fried ones are equally rich and flavourful and doesn’t feel too oily.


Noodles with prawns in it and sha cha sauce. Very interesting way of making dim sum I thought by using springy noodles and wrapping it over prawns. Sauce wasn’t too oily and fragrant while noodles are springy. Together with the succulent prawns in them, it is indeed a delicious dim sum. Continue reading

l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon Revisited

l’Atelier de Joël Robuchon

Leicester Square Station

ImageSea bream tartar with creamy sauce. Sea bream was fresh and tasted nice on its own but as I’m not really a fan of creamy sauce, this dish didn’t appeal as much to me. It was still a good appetiser though.

ImageBaby octopus stuffed with vegetables and has tomato sauce on it. I prefer this appetiser as I love octopus. Fresh and springy and stuffed with crunchy vegetables, every bite feels really substantial and satisfying. The red pepper sauce also added flavour to it  even though I thought that it may not be necessary.

ImageTeriyaki salmon with wasabi lettuce. This dish is just like what you would expect, so there isn’t any surprises to the flavour or presentation. The salmon though was cooked really well, very crispy skin and the inside inside overcooked at all. In fact, I think it is mildly raw which I like a lot as that allows the salmon to retain its juiciness and I love eating this piece of salmon in big chunks. Just thought that they could have given one more piece. Continue reading

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

ImageThe most impressive piece of art I’ve ever seen. In case you are thinking that I would have a mandarin orange with bread, think again. The fillings in the mandarin orange is actually chicken liver pate and the orange skin is some gelatin. No orange citric taste at all. it’s a really wonderful piece of creation and the pate was heavenly with the toast.

ImageTender pigeon meat that isn’t overcooked. Continue reading