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Located at the 70th storey of Swissotel, this restaurant definitely gives a very good view. While normal meals are served during weekdays, there’s a semi buffet lunch on Saturdays that costs about $70 after gst and service charge. As my colleague has the far card, we got it at 50% and I think it’s really worth it only if you have a far card. On a side note, Jaan is just located beside it and ranks number 17 in this year’s Asia best 50!

So in this buffet, you get to have unlimited appetisers and desserts and just one main course. While I was browsing the buffet section, only the dessert section caught my eye as they looked vibrant and inviting.

EquinoxThe big dessert section. They looked really good, but actually a lot of cream was used which I am not really a fan of. So I removed all the cream from the cakes and small bites while having them. The only cake that I liked quite a lot was the chocolate orange cake.

IMG_7074This orange chocolate was pretty good actually. Very thick, glitzy chocolate there with some gold leaves, it indeed looks very inviting. In addition, I like the orange in it as it gives it a refreshing taste amongst the thick chocolate. This only dessert that I did not try to remove anything I didn’t like.

IMG_7063And now come the appetisers. There were boats of sushi and it’s pretty good. The mango roll and jellyfish sushi were quite tasty. It’s the normal fare that you get at most buffet really. These are one of my favourite appetisers.

IMG_7081At the ‘middle eastern’ section, I had this slightly spiced chicken. It’s not a warm dish but I like it a lot and I think that it will go well with your greens. Chicken breast was used and was still tender. Healthy and delicious indeed, so don’t fret about the calories when having this.

IMG_7080Oo I like this other middle eastern dish, Cous cous that’s right. I like cous cous as they are small, bitty and nice to chew on. Very fragrant starters too when stir fried with onions and tomatoes. This dish isn’t warm too and I like it.

IMG_7084I saw this and took one jar immediately to try. It’s foie gras terrine. I do not really like foie gras and have been complaining in many blog posts about how iron it tastes but this wasn’t that strong tasting at all. Instead, I quite like it with the red ‘jelly’ on top of it. It’s savoury, smooth and makes a good spread for the biscuits! I finished more than half of the jar actually.

IMG_7086The red snapper as my mains. Red snapper was just slightly dry on one side but still acceptably moist on the whole to me. Skin was crispy but feels slightly bland when eaten alone. But if eaten with the heavy tasting churizo undearneath it, it would taste delicious. There are bits of cuttlefish in the background too.

IMG_7088The colleague had the fatty pork belly. I only tried the mushrooms as I don’t like fatty stuff. According to him, it’s delicious and skin is very crispy. As that is really a calorie bomb, he couldn’t bring himself to finish the whole slab of fats!

IMG_7083Yeah and you get a pretty nice view up here, just like that in Jaan.

So, this is one of the few buffets that I’ve been to. Have been to lime, the rise and Melt the World Cafe previously and I guess this place would be ideal if you want to dine with a view. The rise still manages to outdo this I feel but then again given the price paid over here due to the far card, I find this place really worth it. There’re also seafood like raw salmon, poached prawns, crabs and oysters in this buffet but I didn’t really love them. Crab meat wasn’t succulent while poached prawns was slightly over poached and some lost it’s springiness. But yeah I still did have an enjoyable lunch with the colleague! A great Saturday afternoon!



The Rise

The Rise

Marina Bay Sands

the rise - 9

I am really not much of a buffet person but felt so compelled to praise the pastry chefs from The Rise. Dessert there is just so strong and the variety of food there is quite unique and definitely is a cut above most other buffets. I actually dug into the desserts after my appetisers – salads as they are just so inviting. The desserts there were all above average, nothing is too dry and interesting pastries like Portuguese egg tarts were also served too. It really is my first time seeing a huge bowl of egg tarts.  Continue reading



Parkroyal on Pickering

Lime serves international buffet at the new, pretty hotel called Parkroyal on Pickering. Though I am not a fan of buffet, thought it might be a good idea to have a meal at this new, cute hotel that has a really interesting architecture. For eg, the beams were shaped like rice padi terraces. It’s really a pity that we couldn’t get to the 5th floor as I believe there are much more creative designs and architectures up there as seen in other blogs.


The buffet started pretty well when we were greeted by a green tea chocolate fondue. It’s my first time seeing a green tea choc fondue and as I have a soft spot for green tea, I got pretty hyped up over this buffet, and wanted to reach the dessert section asap. But, as we got through all the sections, there were more misses than hits I thought. Would just mention about the food that I enjoyed better.

ImageThai salad that were sour and spicy enough. Really whet my appetite and I kept helping myself to the mango and papaya salad. The pork and beef salad were pretty good too; the meat added a little bit of sweetness to the spicy, sour salad and also made it more savoury. You can eat it on its own but the toppings further enhance the taste and didn’t make it complicated. Really like this Thai station.

ImageThe seafood station had clams, mussels, prawns and oysters. Oysters looked really fresh and juicy but didn’t like the aftertaste as there was a fishy taste towards the end. As I always have this after taste when I eat oysters, I may not be a good judge. The prawns were however, fresh and succulent and if you find such boiled prawns bland and boring, you could be make it tastier by dipping it in wasabi soya sauce; similar to how cha soba works.

ImageThe sushi station was not bad but my favourite would be the octopus sushi. The texture and flavour of the rice is quite standard (like what you get at chains) but the octopus is indeed outstanding. Succulent, crunchy, juicy and thick, it’s one of the better octopus I had!

ImageAnd of course, not forgetting my own creation. I like my triple chocolate topped with green tea chocolate fondue and chocolate balls. The fondue hardened on the ice cream and felt like green tea choc bits with choc ice cream. You will taste the choc first, followed by the white chocolate and lastly the green tea if you eat it like that. A fun creation I thought but it’s quite logical that the taste goes in this order as the ice cream would melt in your mouth first while you slowly chew the hardened green tea chocolate.

Lime is a place worth visiting if you have a UOB card as 4 people get to dine for the price of three and if you want to check out this new hotel. We paid $52 per person. Felt that the food was slightly above average and I am still wowed by the green tea fondue. Guess that’s because I have a soft spot for green tea. Service was between above average and good, but not professionally good like what you get at Ritz Carlton or Mandarin Oriental and of course not Fullerton Bay, as I think it doesn’t belong to such high end hotels. To our dismay, there were flies hovering around our food and the cake station which slowly disappeared as it got later. Am quite baffled where did these flies come from and why do I not see them in other hotels. On the whole, I will recommend this buffet if it’s your first time there and if you are dining with 3 other friends with a UOB card.