Lighthouse Bistro & Bar – Marvelous Bistro that will never break the bank!

Lighthouse Bistro & Bar

Wavelink Building, next to Lavender MRT

lb8Despite looking slightly retro and gaudy with its neon-lit fitting for its restaurant name on the outside, Lighthouse Bistro & Bar actually boasts a really modern, current and family-friendly interior that is staffed with immaculately dressed waiters and waitresses, some even in blazers actually. Tasty, delectable, fresh with no traces of MSG detected, the menu over here is priced incredulously affordable for its quality. Beats me but am guessing it may have got to do with the slightly lower rental in that area.

lb5 lb6

lb7 lb8It is a crazy meet-up with the high school buddies, and the usual picky few, loved this bistro recommendation. The fisherman board, filled with the usual grubs – juicy fried fish fillet, beautifully blanched mussels flavoured with sweet and sour chilli, succulent fried prawns made rightly intense with the light mayonnaise. While the most exciting bite was the perfectly sauteed calamari; made so fragrant with the finely chopped fried garlic that is cut through seamlessly by the zesty lime. $18.

lb4Having a penchant for seafood bisque, this prawn one was summoned. Thick, creamy and soothing, this strained broth of crustacean prawns deserve to be applauded with its stellar taste! Though my love still lies with my all-time favourite lobster bisque, a $9 bowl like this is definitely a good substitute!

lb9The Malaysian-influenced Angel Hair was spot on with its ultimate balance of spices, wok hei and umami, not forgetting the perfect al dente-ness of the pasta that gives it a lip-smacking slurp. A very exciting dish; this is by far, one of the best fusion made right. $17. And I love how appetising this looks as the pasta is compressed into a dense block. Yums! Continue reading

Angelina Singapore – Enjoyed the mains more than the signature dessert


Capitol Piazza near City Hall MRT

angelina1 angelina2Small petite tables feeling slightly claustrophobic, yet cleverly spewing into the open plaza of the glassy mall that creates the perfect ‘al fresco’ dining experience for a tropical country like ours; Angelina definitely has its charm in attracting the queue, especially so during tea hours when dainty cakes and pastries beckon.

A lovely belated bday treat from Q, Angelina does indeed deliver one of the best French mains to the table. The onion soup, as a starter, tasted thick, warm and comforting to the palates as the already tasty stock is flavoured up with the plump, meticulously cameralised onions and melted cheese. Yums!

angelina3Moving on to our mains; with its stock reduced to the perfect concentration, the beef risotto was perfectly done as the rice still retains its al-dente. Topping off to make it a more hearty main, the braised beef was cooked with much precision, that it requires a slight tug to be shredded apart. $28. This wasn’t in the menu, but a daily special that the waiter may recommend to you!

angelina4The Croque Ham & Cheese appeared like the perfect brunch plate as a thick hearty toast is made relatively unbeatable with a generous serving of melted cheese drizzled onto it, topped off with a beautiful sunny side up. Balancing off the mega cheesy taste, a substantial amount of savoury ham was crammed into the puffy toast to yield a memorable umami experience.

angelina5Some sides available, the truffle fries, however dropped slightly short of expectation as the light truffle fragrant was close to being non existent.

Angelina6Excited to go into what they are really famous for, the expensive signature Mont Blanc was summoned, unfortunately with half left untouched. The chestnut-fragranted brown strands felt like an overload of monosaccharides. I reckon the other desserts may perform better. Nevertheless, still an enjoyable time savouring the delectable mains!

Verdict: A good restaurant.

Antidote – For the oriental tea set this time!


Fairmont Hotel near City Hall MRT

9 8My second time to Antidote and it wasn’t meant to be for a post but just a leisure lunch session with V. However, the Oriental Tea set was just so good along with its many new items that it warrants a second post! My first time there was a year ago and had the Antidote set that came with a truffle egg appetiser instead of the dim sum platter! A year has passed and inflation has been relentless (perhaps due to the great demand over the year), that there was a 15% increase in price from $38 to $45; still this is one of the highly recommended high tea in Sg by me. Getting only into the waiting list despite booking almost 2 weeks ahead is definitely a testament to its popularity!

4 3The super delicious and delicately presented dim sum platter by the Gwei Lou chef was surprisingly delicious. Succulent as it looks, the Siu Mai in the small dainty basket was topped off with a thick slab of fresh scallop while the carrot cake was adequately thick with a more substantial consistency! Maybe due to a heavier tastebud the gwei lou chef usually has, this chilli was just slightly saltier than usual.

6 7

5 1And arriving in a chest of drawers, these elegant petite tea bites looked just so endearing. With most of the items changed, this second visit actually didn’t feel monotonous. The savouries in the first drawer include the coronation chicken open sandwich, salmon roll with ikura, parma quiche, intensely fragrant duck rillette sandwich and the lightly mayonnaised lobster sandwich. And the beautiful desserts at the top of the chest were beaming with glamour with its exquisite arrangement; not overly sweet with a very well-balanced overall taste actually.

2In a bid to meet such a great demand, Antidote has extended its afternoon tea timing to  12pm instead of the usual 3pm! So be sure to book really early if you want to savour this really good afternoon tea!

Brasserie Les Saveurs – Stunning Interior with pretty alright semi-buffet

Brasserie Les Saveurs

St Regis Hotel near Orchard MRT

DSC_0758Stunning as it looks from photos, Brasserie Les Saveurs indeed has one of the hardest to beat interior decor, just perfect for the belated Mother’s day celebration! If you were to scrutinise carefully, you would be able to recognise that the stained glass window on the second floor belongs to the exhilarating yan ting.

DSC_0770Priced at $73++, this semi-buffet works by choosing a main from the limited list and you are eligible to enjoy as many appetisers and desserts as you wish. A point to note is that this isn’t an international buffet as it takes a more western slant, with bread, rillette, terrine and other cold dishes taking the lead role for the night. Maybe due to the bigger Japanese clientele, there was a pretty well plated sushi-platter.

DSC_0768The delicious spread of bread of the night, with those huge freshly baked bread in the basket that comes with different toppings. I’m not a big fan of bread at buffets as these carb loaders would prevent me from having other more exciting dishes but it really is quite hard to reject this beautiful spread, especially so when there is a much bigger variety over here.

DSC_0779Sliced the humongous sesame baguette and it was really fluffy on the inside while the crust emanates a strong sesame fragranceContinue reading

Do.main Bakery – Serving delicious comforting French savouries (not bread) all fresh from the oven!

Do.main Bakery

226 Tanjong Katong Road

IMG_8028There are posts which sometimes I felt obliged to write, but Do.main is one of the few that actually gave me the urge to pen down my thoughts! It was the second time to this unpretentious, traditional French Bakery; but mainly for the savoury mains that I have missed out during my first visit.

IMG_8015This time round, Chef Frederic has teamed impeccably up with fellow chefs Stephane Istel (chef-owner of Bar-Roque Bar & Grill – officially one of my favourite French eateries) and Christophe Megel (founder, a-munition group, former CEO for at-sunrice globalchef academy and executive chef of Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore). With such heavyweights pounding at us, they together have sharply curated a beaming list of traditional, classic French savouries with minimal contemporary influences. That I think is the perfect comfort food for the homesick French Expats over here.

IMG_8003Alright! We started off with a soothing bowl of special soup of the day with toasted bread; evenly mashed green pea soup with bits of fragrant bacon, that is the perfect way to calm the body after a strenuous day. A slight mushy consistency and not bitty at all, this was the perfect soup of the day! $6.50.

IMG_8008And if you are into cured meat, I personally felt that this Charcuterie Platter would fit the bill! You know the quality already when the radiant pork kurobuta, pork rillette and Duck Pistachio Pates are served! Not a fan of ham at all due to its high salt content and usually lacklustre texture, this luscious springy Kurobuta pork just proved me otherwise. And while the pork rillette forms an easy intense spread for the bread, the nutty pistachio duck pate has an interesting crunch to the already flavourful pate! And if you are afraid that this would be an overdose of cured meat, the gherkin by the side is the solution! $20.

IMG_8012Octopus Romesco Salad on Sourdough toast bread – $15. Plated like an open sandwich, the slightly spicy red pepper-based Romesco sauce paired really well with the springy fresh octopus and helped to lift the overall taste of this slightly seafoody sandwich. 

Continue reading