Do.main Bakery – Helmed by a French pastry Chef with a huge testimonial

Do.main Bakery

226 Tanjong Katong Road

DSC_0310After having read the impressive testimonial of Chef Frederic Deshayes who is behind this monochromatic cafe Do.main from its official site (Yes, Big names like Lenôtre Paris, Pierre Hermé were mentioned), S and I decided to pay it a visit since we are both Easties!


DSC_0309Having everything neatly laid out and categorised without any of the hipster paraphernalia in sight, it felt like a sincere cafe that wants to keep things clean, simple yet traditional.
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Mad About Sucre – When almost every pastry looks spot on

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road near Outram MRT

DSC_0315Despite only having opened for slightly more than a month and only just a few cakes on display, this outstanding patisserie shop does seem to have a big story to share. With its grand yet not overly lavish interior decor, Mad about Sucre still somehow manages to render one an idyllic experience. Priced at around $10 for each cake/tart, they are indeed pricey but I like the way the experience was made wholesome as they would thoughtfully pair your cakes with a suitable cup of tea for $7 (But of course you could reject the tea if you are not a tea person). Having so much conviction in what they do, the cakes are served in courses starting from the lightest first (This must be a first for me, as I have not experienced such an arrangement before, not even during the 4 years in UK).

DSC_0316A relaxing corner of the patisserie to boast about.

DSC_0321And if you are in for an extravagant celebration or whatnot, you could customise your n-tier cakes from this patisserie. Looking very British in design (due to the hat), I concluded that these 2 tier cakes do indeed score greatly on presentation!  Continue reading

Nunsongyee 눈송이 – Shaved ice desserts with texture like Snow Flakes but priced too premiumly

Nunsongyee 눈송이

45 Burghley Drive #01-04, Singapore 559022

BingSuLocated in perhaps the most unanticipated location near Serangoon, I foresee that this Korean-run Korean dessert cafe would not run out of business as it is cleverly positioned just beside a gym and big tuition centre. Just exactly what a gym-er would need after a sweaty run and kids would definitely pester their parents for these icy desserts in the blazing heat.

IMG_7723Similar to our ice Kachang or Taiwan Cua Bing (Shaved Ice), the koreans have their own rendition called Bingsu 빙수 and this is what Nansongyee is majoring in while they also serve Rice cake desserts and the usual coffee tea. With so many colourful and electrifying flavours to choose from,  we went straight for the Korean favourite Black Sesame BingsuContinue reading

Joe and Dough – Loving the umami sandwiches and intriguing sweets served!

Joe and Dough

Orchard gateway #1-10


No, I don’t take coffee and tea as these caffeinated drinks give me the jitters but Joe and Dough managed to pull my soul back with its awesome savoury sandwiches and creative sweets after a frustrating search for it at Orchard Gateway! It is actually quite hidden behind an alley of pushcarts that might have resulted in a quieter-than-normal cafe. Unlike most cafes that do not focus on their food but mainly their interior, Joe and Dough thankfully did the opposite which has rendered it the capacity to open 6 branches!

IMG_7803Indeed we were famished as these sarnies were just for the two of us.

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Tiong Bahru Bakery – Welcoming CNY and Valentine’s with 3 new flavours and a Surprise!

Tiong Bahru Bakery

Near Tiong Bahru MRT

IMG_7778As the amicable Gontran is shouting out Gong xi Gong xi to us, he was at the same time inspired to create 3 exciting CNY items that evidently have some French elements blended into them. As this year’s CNY comes much later than previous years, it has also overlapped with Valentine’s day, for which Gontran has created a delectable macaroon Burger.


IMG_7776This massive Pineapple and Coconut Tart is the most spectacular item amongst all as it is reminiscent of a blown-up pineapple tart yet still packed with many intriguing elements. Resting on top of the crisp sugar-dough base is a light silky pineapple infused Mousse with a white chocolate disc on it. What makes it complete is the fragrant fresh coconut Chantilly cream that lifts the overall taste of the tart! $8.50. Continue reading