Kimchi Korean Restaurant

Kimchi restaurant

Suntec City

End of a super difficult and packed week = a very rewarding weekend only if everything has been solved in the week. Indeed that was the case when things that should work didn’t and you need to come up, test with, validate and evaluate your new ideas within two days and everything was finally solved just before going home on Friday. And so, it was a great time spent with S when we went for karaoke (S was a good singing teacher) followed by a delicious Korean meal at Kimchi restaurant. With only three posts in my ‘Korean’ category, you must have been familiar that I am not really into Korean food but after having heard much about Kimchi restaurant, I thought I need to visit it.

DSC_1109Ginseng chicken for $16. Soup doesn’t have a thick layer of oil that is commonly seen in other Korean restaurant while the soup tastes thick and fresh with a lasting chicken taste. It also isn’t overly salty and felt like a healthy meal.


DSC_1114I am quite a fan of toppoki and this is something I will definitely order at any Korean restaurant as I love the Q-ness of the rice cakes. Sauce wasn’t too spicy or savoury as well and helps to make this carbo rich dish less cloying. $7.90. Delicious!

DSC_1111Chicken pot rice with sunny side up on it. The yolk was still runny and love its accompaniment with the fragrant rice. Chicken was tender and its sauce made the rice so palatable even on its own. $14.



Pa Jeon or Korean pancake for $8.90. This pancake just has the right consistency with a substantial amount of fillings in it. Especially love the in-house chilli that makes this pancake even more tangy and delicious!

DSC_1119And the final dish is Jap Chae for $6.90. Very glassy and springy vermicelli dashed with savoury sweet sauce. Very delicious when eaten with the fresh mushrooms underneath and the condiments over it. Yummy!

So, Kimchi restaurant is really a very good Korean restaurant I felt. As the restaurant is really spacious, it isn’t a noisy at all as tables are far apart from each other and you can have a relaxing meal. If you realise, the more pack a restaurant is, the noisier it gets even though they may have fewer tables as everyone is trying to make themselves heard in this small compact area. An outstanding bit about Kimchi restaurant is that food is not oily but still delicious and hearty.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

Tae Woo Ban Jum

Tae Woo Ban Jum

Central Mall


It’s interesting to know that Korea also has their own form of zha jiang main, called zha jyeong myeon in Korean I think. Tae woo is famous for this and the korean food they serve mostly has some Chinese cooking influences in them.

Y and I ordered the set lunch which has five courses. Priced at $23 per person, I find it really a steal. The other two got the seafood and normal zha jyeong myeon. Let’s start with the set lunch first.

IMG_5980The starter was jellyfish with chilli, century egg and pork. The jellyfish is slightly sour which would whet your appetite, but Y didn’t feel like eating more after a strand as he felt that those served at weddings are better. That’s true but this is still edible I felt. Quite a normal starter. Continue reading

K-food talk family restaurant

K-food talk family restaurant

28 Tanjong Pagar Road

Singapore 088451

ImageReally Yummy toppoki. To my amaze, the toppiki is not just simply stir fried in the typical red korean chilli sauce. They garnished it with leak, mushrooms and made it even more appetising and healthy. The sesame also added fragrance to the otherwise typically plain toppoki.

ImageThis tofu seafood soup was also the highlight of the night. Really fresh ingredients and tofu is super silky.

ImageThe stir fried pork dish was as expected, delectable. One really bad thing that we usually experience in this dish – oily. But this really isn’t and makes you feel not guilty eating the whole plate by yourself.

K-food talk family restaurant was really incidental as most of the other Korean restaurants along Tanjong Pagar are full that Friday night. It was really an unassuming restaurant with a couple of free tables. No one would have expected it to deliver fine, authentic Korean food! Think the lady boss is the chef as everything is so home cooked and one thing that is praise worthy – the dishes are not soaked in oil! Feels healthy yet delicious. Couldn’t have asked for more.