Ren 蓮- From the chef that has 7 Michelin stars under his belt!


Ren 蓮

4F, Omiya Bldg, 4-3-2 Kagurazaka, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
DSC_0088It is mandatory, at least for me, to end my Japan trip with a tremendously outstanding kaiseki meal. Not on a super high budget, I was happy to have found one 2 michelin starred restaurant, Ren, that serves an excellent kaiseki meal (10 courses) for 13600 yen after tax. Though not highly publicised, Ren** is actually from the venerable Ishikawa group that owns the eponymous Ishikawa*** and Kohaku** restaurants. Indeed, with 7* tugged tightly under Ishikawa’s belt, Ren has thrilled us greatly, especially so with its seemingly simple ingredients and cooking techniques. Lets examine why!DSC_0097

DSC_0098Our first course- Simmered turnip covered with cod milt (soft roe) drizzled with Yuzu Citrus. The overall taste was lifted by the yuzu citrus to give the creamy milt and tender turnip a refreshing edge.


DSC_0102How often do we get to see our snow crab slowly grilled in front of us! The freshness of this Crab meat is reinforced by simmering the meat in its own naturally sweet juice. And its seafood flavour is perfected with a thick creamy roe topping.

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