Aoki – power set lunches they have


Shaw Tower Lido


Like Sushi Kuu, Aoki is one of the middle upper range of Japanese restaurants that serve really good set lunches that wouldn’t burn your whole wallet. The entrance is really small and slightly inconspicuous with the Kanji Aoki word written. Well emulated, it indeed has a little resemblance to a good authentic restaurant in Japan! So it was a bday treat from S and we both got the set lunches. While S got the maze chirashi for $40 I got the 9 piece sushi set for $55.

The set lunches come with the fragrant green tea, with some glass noodles and sesame seed toppings. The most impressive side I thought was the prawn head miso as that clever ingredient really makes the otherwise predictable miso soup much more fragrant! I am not a fan of miso soup but I finished this bowl clean!

DSC_1115They also have the really colourful Japanese salad as their sides for the set lunches. Thinly sliced, this refreshing plate of salad gets you ready for your mains!

DSC_1116As for my 9 piece Sushi set, I also get a small bowl of silky, smooth fragrant chawanmushi with it. The prawn in it was succulent and the chicken made it sweet. Delicious bowl of chawan.

DSC_1117So S got a bowl of mazechirashi. We know what chirashi means while maze means mixed. Nicely chopped, this colourful bowl of chirashi indeed looks very appetising. It was definitely fresh while the uni toppings made it creamier. I like how the eggs are made as they have a darker brown outer layer. Somehow I thought the chirashi from sushi kuu lunch set was slightly more memorable! $40.


DSC_1125And then it’s my 9 piece sushi. Every piece is delicious here as they are really fresh and succulent while most of the fish slices would melt in your mouth instantly. Somehow I like the really inviting red hue of the marinated tuna as it whets your appetite. This is definitely better than the similar priced Tomi Sushi. So go for this is you are a sushi fanatic! Of course, never compare it to Shinji, Hashida or Sushi Ichi as those are classified as the topmost league. $55.

DSC_1129So at the end of the set lunch, you get the dessert. From left to right, we have the yuzu sorbet, vanilla pudding and some fruity jelly. My favourite is the sweet vanilla pudding as it was soft, smooth and stronger in taste. The yuzu sorbet was slightly weird I thought as there was a bitter taste in it which I didn’t really enjoy. Then again, this dessert trilogy is still pretty good.

DSC_1128Not having enough sweets, we got the traditional Japanese mochi as extra for $6. This traditional dessert reminded me of what I had at Takemura Tokyo as it really brings you back to good old Japan. Not overly sweet and mochi was a good consistency, this dessert is pretty delicious.

So yes that was the delicious yet wallet friendly Japanese lunch we had but it was a little short as they have two seatings, one at 12pm and the other at 1.30pm. They also have quite a lot of Japanese patrons and I think that proves it authenticity. Interestingly, it is written on the menu that the maze chirashi only has limited servings per day so I guess you should try to get the 12pm slot if you want to have it. And as for dress code, I didn’t follow the ‘formal elegant’ (was in shorts) as written on the website as you wouldn’t expect a really ‘formal / strictly fine dining’ restaurant to have two time slots for a meal. So don’t worry too much if you couldn’t bear to wear a pair of trousers on a 32 deg celcius day!