Four Seasons Restaurant – Quality duck but unable to eat like a king

Four Seasons Restaurant

Capitol Piazza near Cityhall MRT

IMG_8284We could never be more familiar than Four Seasons Restaurant as it is the one that we usually frequent back in London (other than goldmine) when the craving arises. It could be so casual that we would just hop on the tube on a lazy day for a plate of good duck, or just da bao a box on the way home after a long day at uni. So casual that it felt close to a takeaway restaurant. And its recent launch in Sg definitely has piqued our interests, but the general sentiment – it has lost its character in its transition to a much more upmarket restaurant. No more elbow-knocking tables as the restaurant tries to maximise fully its small space in London, but gone with this comfort the wallet-friendly prices too.


IMG_8291A pretty much impromptu lunch with V who was craving so much for four seasons roast duck. And considering that it has opened for a few months already, its initial hiccups should more or less be ironed out, we decided to pay the restaurant a visit.

Half a roast duck was ordered; and its strength: its skin was roasted to a perfect crisp and shimmer with the help from its layer of fragrant fats underneath. The pretty tender meat though could be improved, as it is on the verge of being slightly tough. Finally, not to forget, the subtly herbal tasting sweet dark soy sauce was a splendid replica of the sister restaurant that makes a lovely drizzle for the rice. $36.


IMG_8286And this pipa tofu that basically is mashed tofu mixed with some meat fillings in it, were evidently much smaller than the sister restaurant. Still tasting decently delicious though with the vegetable accompaniments, we thought it was a rip off at $28. I vaguely remember but this should be less than £10!

This is one of the restaurants that I came with caution as reviews have stated the skyrocketing prices they charge. Well, I couldn’t say to what extent but this couldn’t be a restaurant that I could visit for any occasion and definitely not for a casual takeaway. Having said that though, white rice seems to be free!

Verdict: A good restaurant but order with caution