Long Chim – When I thought I might have found the best Thai restaurant

Long Chim

Marina Bay Sands near Bayfront MRT

DSC_0305Ever since the regretful closure of Kha Thai restaurant (which I have visited three times and is in my opinion, one of the best Thai places to go to), I have always been on a constant search for a similar substitute. And it was only when the news of the opening of Long Chim at MBS by Chef David Thomsom (Head chef of Nahm who was awarded 1 Michelin star during his stint in London) was announced, that got me hopeful as the head chef of Kha previously did his apprenticeship over there.

DSC_0307Gaudy as it looked from the outside, the interior decor was chic with not one but two open kitchens for you to watch at.

DSC_0312Highly hopeful I was, there were actually quite a substantial amount of misses. Chiang Mai Chicken Larp with cabbage chilli and mint – Wrapped nicely in the greens, the chef knows what he’s doing by arranging a huge contrast between the refreshing mint leaves and savoury, more heavy-tasting chicken shreds which was however ashamedly too salty. $10.

DSC_0314The aromatic beef was spiced up perfectly with cumin, coriander and tumeric,  which managed to lift the fragrant, charred and smoky taste of the tender beef pieces. Then again, while the first bite felt really pleasurable, full of umami satisfaction, the following mouthfuls reminded me of a dreadful shoyu overdose. $10.

DSC_0317And we moved on to the mains which tasted more optimistic as the lamb rib curry was beautifully grilled to a tender consistency without the familiar gamey taste. This dry curry dish thankfully had all the right balances; its saltiness, charred fragrance, consistency and spiciness were all spot on. $25. Continue reading