Duck & Rice – Adding on to the Alan Yau empire

Duck & Rice 

90 Berwick St, Soho, London W1F 0QB, UK

IMG_0736One of Alan Yau’s newest addition (not that new actually as it has been around for more than a year I think) to his empire, I just thought this would be a nice place to check out during the short stay in London with the uni bud! Chic, stylish and modern, Duck & Rice would be the place I would recommend if you long for something Yauatcha-ish yet not want to be in an overly crowded restaurant. Somehow, I felt the standard of Yauatcha has dipped a little when I revisited it in 2016 as it is always so busy. The Siu mai has shrunk, some of the dim sum became less flavourful; but having said that, the patisserie corner is still as perfect! Located just beside Yauatcha, Duck & Rice offers a similar or perhaps even the same menu and you might ask then what’s the difference? Well, it’s not as cluttered (though certain areas are a little), and that somehow leads to better execution – plump dim sum that appears more luscious.

IMG_0737IMG_0738IMG_0739Yeah, the same old scallop siu mai and venison puff. Perfectly flavoured and that consistency was just spot on!

IMG_0743Prawn toast with a solid filling of springy prawn paste in it.IMG_0744And these flaky, buttery super fragrant egg tarts. Delish!

IMG_0745My personal favourite – The Jasmine smoked ribs whose tender moist meat falls off the bone readily! Intense body of tea fragrance there which makes this a must order whenever I see it.

IMG_0746You know, this wasn’t the best claypot I felt though it was legit enough. Then again, only available for a limited period only during that CNY season and I decided to have it with the bud just for the atmosphere!

IMG_0750What are you doing?! The bud exclaims as I took this at a rubbish collection point! Unflattering angle too indeed…

Verdict: A good restaurant. 3.9/5.


A Wong – Fun looking dim sum

A Wong

70 Wilton Road near Victoria Station

img_0642A Wong, one of the newer establishments, that is being raved greatly by London Foodies and is really the other limited modern dim sum place that I know of after Yuatacha and Hakkasan (or basically the establishments under the famous Alan Yau empire). Perhaps one of the first, A Wong doesn’t require you to order a basket of 3 as the price of the dim sum goes by per piece. Yes, more variety that a small group could try and that is a strong selling point. Modern, loads of fusion and much thought evidently given to each morsel, some ticked while some felt… strange. My favourite still lies with Hakkasan, as every dish I got there randomly from its menu was just spot on. Well, lets take a look at some of the highlights / more interesting stuff at A Wong. £70 spent for 2 persons.

img_0648Minced rabbit meat in carrot. The plating – just too cute to be eaten so quickly. Great lightly chewy consistency in the skin of this fried dumpling while the flavour of the fillings hit the right notes, intense.

img_0662Shredded lamb in pan fried Chinese bun. Very Lamb-y, strong flavour and the different elements came together beautifully.

img_0660Wagyu beef fried rice. Not greasy, while the fried rice is filled with this coveted beef umami and strong wok hei, that is made refreshing when wrapped in that crunchy lettuce leaf. Looks Korean, doesn’t it but I thought the lettuce is just a good to have and not exactly integral.

img_0663That salted duck egg bun or liu sha bao was crazy delicious! Fluffy pillowy with a lightly crusty base, and packed with that thick, runny salted yolk.

img_0645Great ribs over here as the sauce ticks.

img_0657I was a little hesitant over this scallop salad with egg waffles though. Nice buttery crispy waffles over there but pairing it with a refreshing savoury seafood salad, I indeed have my doubts. Flavours seemed to have clashed and I think a heavy savoury pairing should work better.

img_0646This truffle xiao long bao clearly didn’t work as the truffle flavour seemed to have muted the sweet pork broth, or rather it could have been mellowed to bring out that faint truffle scent.

london-2017And the rest of the dim sum that were not too bad, very modern looking but wasn’t as impressionable as the first few.

img_0667But the toilet does have nice wallpapers for you to take a selfie. Alright, being totally random here.

A nice hang out this place is and it is part of the Michelin guide Bib Gourmand 2017, but I guess I will return to Hakkasan or even Royal China actually.

Verdict: A good restaurant. 3.6/5.