Mad About Sucre – When almost every pastry looks spot on

Mad About Sucre

27 Teo Hong Road near Outram MRT

DSC_0315Despite only having opened for slightly more than a month and only just a few cakes on display, this outstanding patisserie shop does seem to have a big story to share. With its grand yet not overly lavish interior decor, Mad about Sucre still somehow manages to render one an idyllic experience. Priced at around $10 for each cake/tart, they are indeed pricey but I like the way the experience was made wholesome as they would thoughtfully pair your cakes with a suitable cup of tea for $7 (But of course you could reject the tea if you are not a tea person). Having so much conviction in what they do, the cakes are served in courses starting from the lightest first (This must be a first for me, as I have not experienced such an arrangement before, not even during the 4 years in UK).

DSC_0316A relaxing corner of the patisserie to boast about.

DSC_0321And if you are in for an extravagant celebration or whatnot, you could customise your n-tier cakes from this patisserie. Looking very British in design (due to the hat), I concluded that these 2 tier cakes do indeed score greatly on presentation!  Continue reading