Pie Face – Australia’s Pie Face sets foot in Sg! First in Asia!

Pie Face

Bugis Village near Bugis MRTIMG_7467


Gimmicky as it may seem, pie face does indeed help to enliven you after a hard day! And Let’s admit it, these pies are definitely Instagram-worthy and most wouldn’t be able to resist a shot! And yes you are right each facial expression represents a different luscious filling. A big range of pies are served here so herbivores, carnivores as well as dessert-lovers would definitely be able to pick their favourite!

A short history about these cutie pies: Helmed by chef Francois Galand, he has successfully blended his specialty French pastry crust with Aussie comfort food. A testament to that success – Started in Australia and now has more than 80 stores around the world. How special is that crust then?! Well, the dough preparation itself takes three days and the kitchen team will have to fold this secretive blend of butter to create 48 fluffy layers. Not having enough of that, you get premium cuts of meat as well as other delicious fillings that definitely helps to perfect the humble pie! Continue reading