Rakushokushu Maru 楽食酒 圓 Aoyama branch – A small hole in the side street that serves very wallet-friendly Kaiseki

Rakushokushu Maru 楽食酒 圓

Near Omotesando 表参道 station

DSC_0348Lined along the classy streets outside Omotesando station, we could easily spot huge brands and sleek restaurants, and though Rakushokushu Maru 楽食酒 圓 is just a hole in a wall, this hole opens up to a 2 storey-deep restaurant, with a stylish counter bar and some private rooms. Having a pretty huge ala carte menu, going for the Kaiseki made things easier as we did not need to rack our brains over the less familiar items. We got to choose from 3 menus, a 4800, 5500 and 7000 yen menu and being a kaiseki fan, I went straight for the 7000.

DSC_0349The first appetiser, salad of amanatsu orange and gluten bread served with white tofu cream, has assured us already that it will be a up-to-standard kaiseki meal. With an addictive chewy texture, the greenish gluten bread actually felt like a hybrid of konyaku and Mochi; definitely very refreshing when eaten together with the tofu cream.

DSC_0350 The assorted sashimi was plated beautifully and there really isn’t a need to describe about its freshness.

DSC_0351Clear soup with stewed fish and bamboo shoots with a light sweetness attached to it. Continue reading