Rhubarb Le Restaurant – Elegant, Classy and Delicious power set lunches!

Rhubarb Le Restaurant

3 Duxton Hill near Tanjong Pagar MRT

DSC_1113A mid-week break and V and I decided to have French for lunch. Rhubarb Le Restaurant, a small yet modern and sleek Restaurant has recently joint the Duxton family. Its elegant veggie name would make you associate it with something refreshing and light and that’s indeed what I felt I have experienced for my set lunch! With Fleur de Sel le Restaurant and Ember Restaurant just down the road, there indeed is some competition but Rhubarb did impress and with their power 3 course set lunch at $42, it is definitely alluring to the working crowd over here and we shall see why.

DSC_1109Usually for set lunches at French restaurants, presentation isn’t as important as compared to dinner but over here at Rhubarb, every minute detail is still taken care of even for its set lunches.

DSC_1110Prestarter served was fresh raw trout wrapped in charcoal cone topped with mayo and roes. Very delicious prestarter as trout was made more umami with the mayo and the roes give you the popping texture. Yums.

DSC_1114Three kinds of bread for you to choose from, they have the baguette, ciabatta and rye. Very soft and served warm, I had four of them!


DSC_1119V got the foie gras terrine starter with deliciously refreshing and sweet berries at the sides. Very beautiful presentation isn’t it.

DSC_1116While I got the smoked Haddock that tasted refreshingly light with the other condiments. Though it tasted light, the taste was more than one-dimension and I find that impressive. There were also muesli on the fish which gives it an extra crunch. Really loved this starter over here!

DSC_1124V’s slow cooked beef cheek was so soft that it literally melts in your mouth and the savoury sauce drizzled on it makes this a heavier and fulfilling course.


And I got the pan fried Barramundi fish that tasted moist and smooth while skin is really crispy. Love the thick creamy corn sauce at the side as it accentuates the taste of the fish while the couscous makes it taste even healthier. Delicious and great presentation!


All whites it is! Meringue topped with pistachio bits and sorbet was delicious to me but a little too sweet even for the sweet tooth V. Still, this dessert really looked like a piece of art.


My hearty caramel brownie was thick, creamy and not overly cloying while the vanilla ice cream was super smooth and went expectedly well with the brownie. Beautiful petals on the piece of brownie and that makes it even more palatable I felt.

Indeed, Rhubarb Le Restaurant pays loads of attention to their presentation without forgetting to perfect its taste as well. Everything to me from the lunch set was spot on I felt and it really is impressive that attention was paid even to the presentation for the lunch set. Very elegant, classy yet hearty and delicious, I guess that is what I would use to sum up the experience at Rhubarb Le restaurant. Service is very friendly over here and the price tag is just right. So what else can I say.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.