Andre Restaurant – 2nd visit

Andre Restaurant

41 Bukit Pasoh Road

And yes, it’s my second time here to Sg’s top restaurant and I am still loving it as much and perhaps even more than the first time. Andre restaurant, unlike many fine dining restaurants in sg, does not keep its menu static. My lunch menu this time was totally different from the one I had last year, not even a single dish from the previous menu was retained or was there a slightest hint of replica and this is the restaurant’s charisma that has been making me want to do a revisit time after time. It was a celebratory treat with S and we both enjoyed it very much! With only one menu for lunch, you do not need to go through the hassle of choosing what would be the best. Indeed, it sounds like a mini omakase to me.

DSC_1113The snacking dish. French asparagus served with smooth broccoli mash, made tangy with Japanese miso and Sichuan black pepper. Evidently, this is a fusion dish with condiments from different continents in the world. The condiments complemented each other and really presented a medley of different tastes yet without compromising on the taste of asparagus. Delicious!

DSC_1114The bread stick served to us and I like its crusty surface while the inside is quite fluffy.

DSC_1117Super fresh Kampachi Yellow tail with the lightly fragrant celery and mustard seeds topped with yuzu vinaigrette that helps to lift the taste of this dish and make it even more refreshing. Really kanpeki (perfect)!


Snow white? This is actually a warm salad of cauliflower, with springy Japanese squid hidden underneath. This was slightly heavier and the lightly grilled squid underneath is really fragrant and fresh. Love the consistency and the overall texture of this dish.

DSC_1124Paella of gambas and potage. Prawns were from South Africa and the red dots are Spanish chilli. Prawn was definitely fresh and succulent and you may be wondering where’s the rice? But the Paella actually refers to the yellow, flavourful paella sauce used over here.

DSC_1126A slightly more asian touch with this mushroom dish served in a really fragrant and clear broth. Different kinds of mushrooms with different consistencies are used over here and mushroom butter is hidden within the stack of mushrooms to give it a stronger savoury fragrace. Delicious!


DSC_1130Slow braised abalone in seawater served on kombu risotto with lady’s fingers. Very fusion dish here again and I am not a risotto person but I was sold when I had this. Very fragrant yet not overly overly heavy tasting risotto over here and I love the Q texture of the abalone that has soaked up the essence from the sea. Great dish over here which reminds me of the abalone course I had at the three michelin starred Esaki in Japan.

DSC_1132This is the pan seared short rib for me with charcoal baby leek and ‘XO’ beurre blanc. Soft rib over here and the condiments and sauce accompanied with it made it really flavourful. Baby leek also has a soothing texture which goes really well with this savoury main.

DSC_1134And S got the Aji rendition as she doesn’t take beef. Delicious and soft fish over here as well that is not overcooked right to the centre.

DSC_1137And finally, the dessert consists of mandarin and apricot with cinamon and pain d’epices (ginger bread). Really delicious dessert over here as there are different textures of ice cream within this small little dome. Very vibrantly coloured and inviting indeed.


And yes, that’s us with the cool chef Andre. Needless to say, every dish was a spot on and a third revisit beckons. It is the ingenuity in every dish and the totally different menu that you get every time that is the biggest draw for me. It really feels like a surprise each time you are there as you will not know what’s on the menu until the day itself and as said, it’s like going for an omakase each time and I love that. Service here is professional too!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant