Do.main Bakery – Serving delicious comforting French savouries (not bread) all fresh from the oven!

Do.main Bakery

226 Tanjong Katong Road

IMG_8028There are posts which sometimes I felt obliged to write, but Do.main is one of the few that actually gave me the urge to pen down my thoughts! It was the second time to this unpretentious, traditional French Bakery; but mainly for the savoury mains that I have missed out during my first visit.

IMG_8015This time round, Chef Frederic has teamed impeccably up with fellow chefs Stephane Istel (chef-owner of Bar-Roque Bar & Grill – officially one of my favourite French eateries) and Christophe Megel (founder, a-munition group, former CEO for at-sunrice globalchef academy and executive chef of Ritz-Carlton Millenia Singapore). With such heavyweights pounding at us, they together have sharply curated a beaming list of traditional, classic French savouries with minimal contemporary influences. That I think is the perfect comfort food for the homesick French Expats over here.

IMG_8003Alright! We started off with a soothing bowl of special soup of the day with toasted bread; evenly mashed green pea soup with bits of fragrant bacon, that is the perfect way to calm the body after a strenuous day. A slight mushy consistency and not bitty at all, this was the perfect soup of the day! $6.50.

IMG_8008And if you are into cured meat, I personally felt that this Charcuterie Platter would fit the bill! You know the quality already when the radiant pork kurobuta, pork rillette and Duck Pistachio Pates are served! Not a fan of ham at all due to its high salt content and usually lacklustre texture, this luscious springy Kurobuta pork just proved me otherwise. And while the pork rillette forms an easy intense spread for the bread, the nutty pistachio duck pate has an interesting crunch to the already flavourful pate! And if you are afraid that this would be an overdose of cured meat, the gherkin by the side is the solution! $20.

IMG_8012Octopus Romesco Salad on Sourdough toast bread – $15. Plated like an open sandwich, the slightly spicy red pepper-based Romesco sauce paired really well with the springy fresh octopus and helped to lift the overall taste of this slightly seafoody sandwich. 

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