Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家 – Very photogenic Wanton noodles and biasedly worth the hype

Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家

Centrepoint Shopping Centre #01-63/64 near Orchard MRT

m3 m1And I am still actively hopping around the island for Canto eats despite the impending impromptu HK trip; a testament to my affection for HK food! Mak’s Noodle 麥奀雲吞麵世家, one of the latest addition from Wanton crazy HK, is still seeing a constant stream of customers daily (as we would have expected) despite having opened for quite a while in Singapore already. Notoriously known for their miniature bowl serving, that is strictly only enough for a peckish person, one would wonder what still attracts this horde of customers. I conclude branding together with the decent quality did the trick, and needless to say, this place would work easily for all HK afficionandos including myself.

IMG_8326Starkly different from the local Sg wanton min, the HK rendition uses the alkaline kee, usually excessively, to enhance the springiness of their noodles. My first encounter with that version was at Zhan Zai Ji 沾仔記, and while the huge ball toppings won me over, I could not accept the overly pungent alkaline taste that stung my lips. Ironically, I still remember that Mak’s Noodles opposite did not have a snaking queue (or maybe not even one) that Zhan Zai Ji managed to draw.

IMG_8329-001After a short 10min wait in line, we were arranged for a dap toi 搭台, which immediately parachuted S and I back to super fast pace HK. Seated comfortably; the Cantonese waitress came to us after 2min to take our orders in guang dong wa. S needs to feel lucky with me as I could do all the orders in Cantonese. But not to worry as they are conversant in both Eng and Mandarin as well. Fast as it may seem, no stress was imposed as the waitresses seem to understand their Singapore customers well, and thus no terse attitude or impatience displayed.


IMG_8331Alright, lets take a look at the food! The luscious mixed beef brisket and tendon was ordered and I must say, it was very similar if not almost the same as what you could get in HK! Love the tendon for that squishy texture while the tender brisket is flavoured up beautifully by the aromatic sauce. $16.50.

IMG_8325 The huge, oyster sauce kailan was as expected, crunchy, simple and light. $4.90.

IMG_8328 m4

IMG_8330Notice the increasing number of wanton balls that were being plated? And there are still more underneath. Noodles have a springy texture but surprise surprise, very little kee taste which I like (maybe attuned to the SG palate)! A very small but photogenic bowl indeed, the success lies greatly in that bouncy, crunchy wanton that seems to have its skin cleverly pleated to yield a beautiful picture. $6.90. I reckon we are paying more for the wanton.

Notice the queue in the picture above, we were lucky that it was half the length when we were queuing. Well, worth a visit to this place when you are missing the HK vibe! Now, if only we could bring some HK roast into Sg!

Verdict: A good restaurant