Omborato おんぼらあと- Chirashi set for $22 in Hyatt Regency Tokyo?!?!

Omborato おんぼらあと

Hyatt Regency Hotel near Shinjuku station

DSC_0287If you always have the unfounded impression that restaurants in Japanese Hotels = break the bank, then that is actually more often than not not the case. Quite a few of them instead serve very affordable lunch sets without any compromise in quality and presentation and Omborato at Hyatt Regency comfortably belongs to this category; you shall find out why!

Tokyo Dec 2nd folder-002Most lunch sets over here cost about 2000 yen ($22), and if you want to get a draft Asahi beer, one just needs to top up 500 yen ($5.50) to your bill. Let me help you lift your jaw up as you hear such a ridiculous price tagged to a Chirashi set; this must be the cheapest Chirashi set that you have heard of from a Hyatt Hotel. The most spectacular bit – everything is very fresh here, the sashimi at the sides, and the rice was well-flavoured with an adequate amount of mirin. Interesting sashimi like the akagai or shellfish could be found over here too!


Tokyo Dec 2nd folder-003And sea urchin lovers, my incredible Special Chirashi set that costs 4200 yen ($46.20), is accompanied with fresh uni and whatever rarer fish you could think of. The other impressive thing (the bowl of rice) is how the medley of flavours exuberated by the prawns, shrooms, ikura and sweet crunchy lotus perfected this bowl of seemingly simple rice.

DSC_0275The Tempura set costs 2000 yen and the super huge prawns were encapsulated in this perfectly fried, fluffy, crispy batter!

DSC_0260And yes, it felt really relaxing and Japanese sipping away on a fresh glass of Asahi draft.

Service here is needless to say super good and they would have some seasonal sets on the menu too. So if you are planning for your next trip to Japan already, maybe try to include some of these hotel restaurants as they are both delicious yet affordable!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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