Joe and Dough – Loving the umami sandwiches and intriguing sweets served!

Joe and Dough

Orchard gateway #1-10


No, I don’t take coffee and tea as these caffeinated drinks give me the jitters but Joe and Dough managed to pull my soul back with its awesome savoury sandwiches and creative sweets after a frustrating search for it at Orchard Gateway! It is actually quite hidden behind an alley of pushcarts that might have resulted in a quieter-than-normal cafe. Unlike most cafes that do not focus on their food but mainly their interior, Joe and Dough thankfully did the opposite which has rendered it the capacity to open 6 branches!

IMG_7803Indeed we were famished as these sarnies were just for the two of us.

IMG_7802My top pick of the night would go to the unassuming Spicy Surimi Crab Sandwich ($8.50). It may look really monotonous at first sight and resembles a its-another-crab-mayo sandwich but this crab meat filler would definitely take you by surprise as it is beautifully tossed with spicy mayo that packs it with loads of umami. The encasing fragrant sesame brioche further flavours up the whole sarnie.

IMG_7806Packed with a generous volume of tender Teriyaki Chicken, this fulfilling Teriyaki Chicken Sandwich ($7.80) could definitely power up a hungry man! For hard-bread cynics, you will be glad to know that the sarnie is served warm which makes it cushiony and moist!

IMG_7804The most ‘controversial’ sarnie goes to the Peach and Brie sandwich ($3.80) which incorporates fresh, juicy peaches and the contrasting savoury Brie in the soft, fluffy toast. It may not pull through for others but definitely pandered to my taste buds with its acquired taste.

Joe and DoughAnd I ordered E to quickly get the last piece of Gula Melaka Pandan Cake before it disappears while the Yoghurt Blueberry tart will manage to cajole the health-conscious. I loved both sweets as the Gula Melaka one tasted a little like Ondeh Ondeh however with the chewy consistency substituted with a moist sponge cake while the Yoghurt tart felt like a sinless sweet to indulge in!

Needless to say, Joe and Dough had all its delicious savoury and sweets priced rightly and will be able to allure most if not all for a revisit!

Verdict: An excellent cafe!


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