Rochor Thai – As local as as it can get

Rochor Thai

Near Novena MRT

Moved to its new location for just barely 3 months, Rochor Thai has morphed into a swankier restaurant with a more modern finish, that is perfect for both the working crowd or a hearty family meal. Having gone local for its menu, it somehow has attracted an international crowd. From expatriates to locals, I reckon the main testimony should be the huge crowd of Thai executives they serve during the week and even people from the Thai Embassy who happened to dine around the same time as us that day. With the hope of wanting to understand the Thai’s palates better, we concentrated on the more local dishes available as recommended by the down-to-earth chef Joel. Note: The portions served are slightly smaller than the original.

DSC_1302Pad Thai Rochor Thai – Without the addition of oyster, tomato sauces to flavour up the rice noodles (which fortunately or not suits my palates perfectly), this tasty plate of evenly tossed Pad Thai was nicely sweetened up with a dash of palm sugar. $14.

DSC_1307Grilled Iberico Pork Collar – Grilled to the perfect tender consistency throughout with a light caramelised overcoat, these already delicious slices of pork collar were flavoured up even further with the subtly sweet-sour Issan style dip made from tamarind. $19.

DSC_1313DSC_1311Orange Curry Fish Broth – Without the use of coconut milk at all, this bowl of curry is expectedly more popular among the Thai expatriates but surprisingly struck a chord with us. Together with all the condiments and refreshing orange zest, I reckon this unique curry has depth, and actually makes a perfect soup with its adequate tartness and mild spiciness. Freshly fried Barramundi fillet added with slices of acacia-leaved eggs that adds a tinge of bitterness to it, the huge amount of elements here has seamlessly come together to form the impressive dish. $19.

DSC_1304Cabbage with fish sauce – This may look pale but the crunchy cabbage was made so delectable with the electrifying sauce. $12.

DSC_1315Drunkard’s Prawns – Deriving its name from folklore, this isn’t in any way affiliated to the familiar ones we have in Cantonese cuisine and definitely has no alcohol content in it. Lightly fried to yield the crisp and fragrance, the prawns were then made even more umami with the intense chilli sauce, which could have been more thoroughly enjoyed with a lower spice level. $18.

DSC_1316DSC_1317Iced Salak – A salty, sour dessert made with marinated Snake Skin fruit that has an acquired taste. $3.
Red Rubies – These water chestnut cubes were made really addictive with an impeccable chewy coat of thin tapioca starch while the coconut milk has been adequately salted to enhance its flavour. $6.

Staying true to his belief, in the hope of of elevating local Thai dishes to greater heights, Rochor Thai is definitely one of the better Thai restaurants here.

Thank you Joel for the lovely invite!

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