Dragon’s Back 龍脊 – My first hike in HK and it was gorgeous!

Dragon’s Back 龍脊

Shau Kei Wan MTR, then bus 9

soNow, I have lost count how many times have I been to this foodie empire, but this is definitely my first trekking or hiking experience in Hong Kong – Dragon’s back 龍脊. And it was (pardon me for using the overly used word) awesome; great weather accompanied with a not exactly breathtaking but definitely a tranquil and picturesque trail, with the ocean and little islands calmly sitting right in front of you, I managed to take it all in in that relaxing 1h trail. A little bit of introduction here: Dragon’s Back 龍脊 has gotten its literal name as it resembles one snaking back from the drone’s eye view.

12483649_10153993517858714_1372961867_nTo get there, you need to hop on the MTR to Shau Kei Wan station, then get on bus 9 at the bus interchange right next to it. And there will be a particular stop that most people would alight at, from which you could start the exciting trail. Not sure about the stop? fret not as the locals on the bus are very willing to help you out! The HK minivan could also be used to get there which we took on the way down. About HKD $10, these vans were a more direct mode of transport we reckon and it wouldn’t be easy to miss their holding area as it is just next to the MTR exit and the drivers will be there hollering the destinations that they will be going to. Just shout out Dragon’s Back and someone will be there to usher you in to their minivan.

12442904_10153993517833714_473445875_nWhen you alight at the bus stop, there will be signs for you to start your hike, with the initial two phases being the hardest and steepest as the roads are filled with uneven gravels. Above: The view you could get already when you are only at half height. so212463526_10153991240773714_806036496_nContinue up the trail and once you get to the peak, the trek would be really easy from then on as you essentially just have to meander along the whole stretch of the dragon’s back which is filled with an infinite number of photo spots! Trekking at 16 degrees with strong gusts of wind hitting your face feels really comfortable indeed.

12463659_10153993528823714_235618475_n12443189_10153993517888714_1974422271_nso1Yoga stunts deemed mandatory by the facetious brother, together with some cliffhanger shots that unfortunately didn’t seem dangerous at all. Well, we just get the craziest ideas to do when that stretch is long and scenic.

12459545_10153991240733714_1766422353_nAnd there we are, a final shot before the descent out from the other exit. And I almost wanted to take a shot with a Cantonese aunty as we were wearing the same series of puma shoes, good taste we have aunty!

Verdict: An excellent trek.
Trekking experience needed: Novice but you need to be fit still


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