Jones the grocer

Jones the grocer

Ion Shopping Mall

DSC_0722After our Japanese lunch at Sushi Kuu, B, K and I wanted to try out the cakes at TWG at ion. But as the restaurant was too packed, we headed up and saw Jones the grocer. Upon hearing from K that this restaurant is from Australia, I got really interested to try its cakes.

DSC_0725We got the Black Forest cake for $9 and it was pretty good. Chocolate layer was smooth and adequately rich in chocolate while the bottom sponge is really soft and slightly moist. The cherries had a rum taste and overall this is a delicious slice of cake.

DSC_0726We also got the lemon cheesecake for $7. Biscuit at the bottom is soft while cheesecake is not cloyingly cheesy. It is slightly dense and its texture falls in between that of a Japanese and New York cheesecake. I like such a soft consistency and together with its sourness, this cake is pretty satisfying.

DSC_0727Got a scone with butter and jam for $2.50. It’s my first time seeing a scone with butter served as its spread instead of clotted cream. Maybe this is the Aussie rendition? I’m not sure. You could choose to have your pastry slightly heated up and I think the scone tasted better when it is hotter. It felt moist when the scone is cut open. There was a distinct difference from the English scones apart from the spread, that is its inside is denser. I guess I still prefer the English rendition more.

DSC_0731And lastly we got the delicious pan au chocolate for $4.50. Slightly crispy on the outside while the inside is really soft and fluffy. The chocolate in it tasted quite rich as well and makes it delicious. This is really just a well done pan au chocolate with its taste all rightly in place.

The desserts at Jones the grocer were all reasonably priced for its quality I felt. They do not try to be ambitious in serving interesting or creative desserts but ensures that the traditional pastries and cakes are served good. This really is a place you could go to if you like to have your traditional desserts made well yet doesn’t cost you a bomb. The mains look quite well plated actually when I was peeping at the food served to the table beside us, and looks quite delish as well. It should be a cafe that wouldn’t disappoint!

Verdict: A good cafe.

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