Sushi Airways

Sushi Airways

20a Baghdad Street

Sushi Airways is a  pretty cool Japanese restaurant that lies along Baghdad Street. A little tacky its name may sound which made me slightly skeptical but I was taken aback by the quality of the food served here. Really good food for its price! To sidetrack a little, I was slightly surprised that we have a street named as Baghdad actually and indeed that area did remind me of the Middle Eastern / Turkey streets. There were a lot of coffee shops and in front of two parallel rows of shop houses, you could see the pretty majestic Sultan Mosque dome. Of course, it couldn’t be compared to that in Turkey but it really does have that resemblance.

OK, back to topic. This restaurant is located on the second storey. It is really quite small with just a few tables and more seats at the bar counter. As the name suggests, there indeed is a waitress dressed in an air-stewardess like uniform. So S and I both got the Chirashi set lunch for $15 with one side dish add on for $3.50 and a lobster sushi. Yes, you did not read wrongly! It’s a super duper power lunch for $15. How can we find a $15 Chirashi lunch set in Singapore today?

DSC_0709Salad was served to us first. And my thoughts were this must be drizzled with ponzu sauce (as what most Japanese restaurants use), but it wasn’t sour at all. In fact, in contrast to the lighter ponzu sauce, this is creamier and tasted nutty with a very fragrant sesame aroma. Delicious!


I got the chuka hotate for my sides and it was delicious again. Scallop has a springy texture and is well marinated with the fragrant sauce. It is those kind of scallop toppings that you can find at those take away sushi shops but with a much more refined taste.

DSC_0714Raw octopus with lemon and wasabi. I was initially quite resistant to having this but S told me that it will be light, refreshing and appetising. And indeed, it did taste so and I like the springy texture of the succulent octopus. Don’t worry if you are afraid of squishy things like me, as this isn’t at all!


DSC_0718And then came our bara chirashi. Quite a beautiful bowl and tasted really good. The fish is fresh definitely and the slightly spicy sauce on the salmon added more fragrance to it. Of course, we cannot compare it to the $40 chirashi at Sushi Kuu. At $15, this is really a steal! And it is actually one of my best chirashi for the year as quality wasn’t compromised though it is competitively priced.


DSC_0724Next came the delicious lobster maki that costs $30. This is quite a premium maki but it’s worth the price! Mango slices were really sweet while the lobster tasted creamy, flavourful and still retains a little of the lobster meat texture. Rice also has a good stickiness and doesn’t fall apart. Delicious!

DSC_0725And yes, the set lunch comes with a thick, creamy and fragrant matcha ice cream!

After having lunch over here, I conclude that Sushi Airways serve really quality food at a very competitive price, at least for lunch. After having so much raw stuff today, I am confident enough to say that this restaurant will be able to serve really fresh and delicious sashimi. And of course, those will cost more. There are also really expensive stuff on the menu if you fancy them. Service over here is good as well.

Verdict: A good restaurant



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