Yat Lok 一樂燒鵝 – Finally a Michelin star for a Roast Goose Specialty Restaurant

Yat Lok 一樂燒鵝

28 Stanley Street, Central Hong Kong (Near Central MTR)

DSC_0398It is my first time having roast goose but could already perhaps be one of the best roasts that I have ever tried. Rarely can we get hold of this in Sg, most Singaporeans would usually have them on their wishlist!

DSC_0396And we must have heard an umpteenth time about Michelin Wanton noodles, dim sum etc (restaurants that really only sell a limited menu) but this may be the first Roasted Goose restaurant in HK that is awarded the coveted Michelin star. DSC_0390As this was just breakfast (you know you need to plan at least 4 meals when you are in HK), we had the mixed platter for 2 that consists of the really tender drumstick for about HKD$140. I have had countless of super delicious roast duck in London and is still one of my most favourite dishes till today, but this roasted goose simply blew us away. Yes, the crispy skin was a given but its exceptional abrupt juiciness came as an epiphany when you sink your teeth into it. And coupled with the more-tender-than-duck meat, this goose was perfect. I couldn’t have imagined how many slices of skin did I have here when I usually would remove all the crispy skin of my favourite tantalising roast duck. It is THAT good!

DSC_0391-001And this bowl of goose breast rice was scarily tasty! I really have no idea how did they make them as tender as the thigh or drumstick! And if you prefer not to eat from the bone, this will be THE plate for you. At about HKD $50, this was indeed the most worthy plate of roast that I’ve had.

DSC_0394-001A picture of the super busy restaurant!

Indeed, this small petite restaurant is worthy of this Michelin star! And I believe the locals over here would have wished that this hasn’t happened at all as longer waiting times are now anticipated.

Verdict: An excellent restaurant.

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