Sun Tung Lok 新同樂 – Very hearty 2 Star Michelin Dim sum

Sun Tung Lok 新同樂

Shop 4D, Miramar Shopping Centre, 132 Nathan Road near Tsim Sha Tsui MTR DSC_0422-001Having been recognised as a three Michelin starred restaurant few years back alongside Lung King Heen 龍景軒, Sun Tung Lok is literally one of the two Cantonese restaurants that has ever been awarded such a prestigious accolade. Despite only retaining two of the stars now, in my opinion this restaurant is unique in its mega serving portions that do not have its quality compromised.


As we had 4 meals a day, this was really just our teabreak and so we didn’t binge at this restaurant. The interesting Zha Leung was ordered that is stuffed tightly with lots of fragrantly stir fried radish while the fried dough still has its super addictive crispiness retained! I highly recommend this seemingly common dim sum as it’s apparently prepared differently over here already with the radish! And be prepared to be in for a surprise as every piece is half the size of your fist (That is almost like for every other dim sum)!


DSC_0406-001And the Scallop dumpling and Har Gao were spot on as well as they were filled with substantial amount of mashed prawns and meat.


DSC_0417-001As it is an afternoon tea, a ‘three tier’ hearty dessert platter definitely befits the meal. Some delicious items are the Pineapple tart, Mango glutinous roll, mango pudding. My favourite of all is the Lao Sa Manju or the runny salted egg yolk bun that is redolent of the consistency of a chewy mochi which is well encapsulated in a well-fried crispy batter. This dessert platter is really highly recommended if you are hoping for a good variety yet spot on desserts after the heavy mains.

Although I have already forgotten the prices of these dim sum or dessert, it was registered as an affordable Michelin restaurant that comes in hearty portions without the skyrocketing prices. Thus, it would be a Michelin place that is still worth taking your time and tummy out of the precious few days in HK (that is if you are going for a weekend trip). But I would reckon that it still isn’t as comparable to the exceptional culinary finesse at Lung King Heen.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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