Dolce Tokyo – Japanese Italian cafe made right by a Sg chain

Dolce Tokyo

Bugis Junction at Bugis MRT

Having to wait for 2h for a simple lunch at the newly opened Clinton St Bakery just didn’t work for us, and we found ourselves dining more comfortably at the less crowded Dolce Tokyo with much better air conditioning. Without holding on to much expectations as it is a Japanese cafe from a Sg chain, we were gladly proved wrong with their pretty delicious mains actually!


IMG_8699 IMG_8702

IMG_8701 IMG_8697200g Prime ribeye – with whipped potato and wasabi mayo. After a pretty bad Rump Steak the night before at Jamie’s, I was contemplating real hard if I should risk getting disappointed again with my calories wasted or have my craving satisfied. Took a leap of faith, and it turned out to be surprisingly gratifying with its more flavoursome meat. Pretty tender and succulent, I reckon a few minutes could have been shaved off the grill to yield a better bite. The Wasabi Mayonnaise at the side was noteworthy with its unique creamy base that lifted the taste of the splendid grill while the luscious mash was perfectly lashed with the bitty gravy. $26. This was infinitely better than what I had at Jamie’s.

IMG_8694Half roasted chicken with potato mash. This chicken could have tasted better if it wasn’t left in the oven as long but the barbecue sauce it was glazed with was commendable. Thick, flavourfully herbal and adequate, this was a decent roast. $16.

IMG_8707And as S thought that I am too crazy to get another pasta for myself (I was still peckish then actually), I got the Just Pancakes for dessert instead. Fluffy and really pillowy soft, this was completed with the bitty sesame ice cream by the side. I like how the berries could be removed and $2 could be struck off the bill as they usually are more often than not for aesthetic purposes. $8.90.

Verdict: A good cafe.

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