Ellenborough Market Cafe – Traversing Laksa cultures round the region

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Swissotel Merchant Court near Clarke Quay MRT

DSC_0758Mention Durian Penyet, and most would usually be reminded of the pioneer, Ellenborough Market Cafe, that shot its buffet spread to fame a long way back. Constantly looking for inspiration from the local culinary scene, Ellenborough Market place is now launching a Laksamania if you like to term it as, that offers a slew of laksa unique to both Singapore and Malaysia. 6 distinct laksa dishes in total and just like all upmarket dining, Ellenborough Market allows you to opt for seafood top ups such as the crayfish, scallops etc to turn your traditional bowl into a decadent one.


Starting off with the more interesting renditions, the Laksa Seafood Fried Rice was perfectly executed as the coconut spiced fragrance came through strongly from every evenly coated rice grain. Fresh diced prawns and seafood with the perfect consistency managed to lift the overall taste of this bowl of fried rice. $13.



Fried Laksa Seafood Noodles. Another dry interpretation for laksa topped with succulent, crunchy prawns. With the Umami guaranteed overcoat on every strand of noodle, this was another clear favourite from the table. $13.


The classic Singapore Laksa, not deviating from the usual, was served in a thick creamy broth and you could literally adjust the intensity of umami-ness by adding an adequate amount of the dried shrimp chilli by the side. I reckon the chilli is instrumental in giving this an edge over the norm. $14.


Nyonya Laksa that tastes really close to the Singapore one, it wasn’t easy picking out the nuances except for the absence of cockles. Nonetheless, still a good bowl here. $14.


Sarawak Laksa – this was quite an unconventional take for me as the bee hoon was tossed in the pasty curry flavoured sauce together with Belachan and I believe isn’t as common in Singapore as its Penang counterpart. Tasting feisty and thick in flavour, it will satisfy the intrepid diners. $14.


Penang Laksa. I was really quite looking forward to this as the highly anticipated sourness from this bowl of Assam Laksa would be able to whet the appetite easily, which unfortunately fell short of expectation. Milder and less intense in flavour, I reckon it could be spiced up more to turn this lacklustre bowl around. $14.


Toppings: Crayfish $6 per piece; Fresh Tiger Prawn $6 for 2 pieces; Fresh Canadian Scallop $6 for 2 pieces; Poached Shredded Chicken $4 per portion; Crispy Chicken Ngoh Hiang $4 for 3 pieces; Whole Golden Fish Cake $4 per piece

DSC_0768 DSC_0796

And ending with the juice of the month: Sugarcane juice

Thank you Ellenborough Market Cafe for the invite and Cassandra for organising!

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