Little Bao – Not sure about the hype

Little Bao

66 Staunton St, Central, Hong Kong

IMG_8970Thinking that Little Bao would be an extraordinary burger place, we were pretty disappointed and quite confused at the end of the meal over its hype (over the net). Filled with mostly expatriates, who might have been intrigued by the slight oriental slant in their burger making, this however did not win us over. Just like its name has suggested, they essentially are bao (steamed chinese buns) turned into burgers; nothing sophisticated but just a change in buns essentially. Not everything was lacklustre though as the truffle fries there was still pretty good.

IMG_8963Truffle fries – Shitake tempeh, truffle mayo, pickled daikon. It might appear heavily priced for a plate of fries at HKD $98 but the huge load of ingredients in it makes it a worthy one. Truffle infused mayo, eaten together with the fragrant fried shallots and perfumed throughout with the shitake aroma, this fungi-inspired themed fries were lip-smacking good!

IMG_8964Sloppy Chan (Vegetarian) – Taiwanese braised shitake tempeh, truffle mayo, sweet pickled daikon, fried shallot. Being vegetarian, this was the only option for the brother. And our confidence took a dip immediately when it was served – there was only an apparent change in the carbs from the fries, definitely befitting its name! I reckon the service crew could have advised us beforehand so that we do not repeat this highly similar dish. HKD $78.

Beef – Grass fed organic beef, tomato jam, roasted onion sesame mayo, shiso, cheddar cheese. Great description given but nothing spectacular as the elements could not be gelled together properly. Hoped to have tasted umaminess in it, which was unfortunately non-existent in the blander patty. Then again, credit has to be given to the painstaking preparation of the bun which has to be freshly steamed first before a final light grill. HKD $88.

IMG_8968LB Ice cream Bao – Green Tea ice cream with condensed milk. We have already wanted to stop at the savoury but ice cream and bun, just like what we have at home, seems to be a tantalising option. Bam! We were just confused after having them. Slotted between the overly fried buns that were dried up in the process, they really didn’t feel compatible. And the matcha flavour seemed to have been undermined by that heavy bun. I reckon the normal steamed white bao could have been a much better combination! HKD$48.

IMG_8969Salt ice cream with caramel. Just like the aforementioned, the buns could have been better. HKD $48.

Well, not sure about the others but we definitely had an underwhelming experience here. Service was casual and friendly actually, but the food just didn’t tick just like how andmorefood felt.

Verdict: A mediocre restaurant.

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