Cookie – So hipster yet very delicious Thai restaurant


252 Swanston St, Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia

IMG_9419Just by looking at the address, you wouldn’t have known that it is hidden on the second floor of a dingy building. We didn’t and so we ended up walking up and down Swanson Street several times, not knowing where unit 252 disappeared to as we only noticed a jump in unit numbers. Looking sketchy, as if there are drug dealers in the stairwells, we decided to pop in and there we saw finally – Cookie restaurant.

IMG_9417Split into a bar and dining area, this hipster restaurant is splashed with strong neon lights that may not pander to the classy and might not be the most suitable place for a relaxing dinner. But embrace the loud cackles from the neighbouring tables, and you realise it is quite a fun place to be in actually. You might not be able to guess still what this restaurant specialises in and surprisingly, really delicious, unpretentious, modern Thai cuisine is served over here.

IMG_9416Pork Ribs, Roasted Chilli Powder, Basil and Hot Sauce. It was dinner at 10pm for us as we returned with a famished stomach from the Philips Island and this big plate was ordered! Very on point, these pork ribs were first given a light frying to yield that crispy fragrant crust followed by a good roast in the aromatic herbs that is overall lightly spiced with some chilli powder. Balanced in taste, we polished it really clean. $26.

IMG_9415Snapper and Green papaya Sour Yellow Curry. Very rarely found in Singapore Thai restaurants, this sour yellow curry totally whets the appetite with its savoury acidic flavour. Unlike the usual curry that is thickened with coconut milk, this remains clear to the palate while the fresh slices of plump snapper soaks the essence up. $28.50.

IMG_9414Drunken noodles – Rice noodles, minced pork, tomato and chilli. Stir fried to yield that really strong wok hei, this heavy tasting savoury dish was just spot on. Fish sauce evident, and blended together with other spices and the fragrant curry leaves, we simply love this dish. $22.50.

That is it, 3 dishes and we were stuffed when I was actually skeptical of the servings initially. Very delicious, heavy tasting yet without forgetting the intricate balance in spices that Thai cuisine embodies, Cookie really makes the cut!

Verdict: An excellent restaurant. 4.5/5.



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