Thanying Restaurant

Thanying Restaurant

Amara Hotel near Tanjong Pagar MRT

thanying - 1

As the crave for kueh kueh is here again, I managed to find a Thai restaurant that actually serves all you can eat Thai dessert. Thanying was known to be one of the finer Thai restaurants in the past and after being there today I still feel that it’s doing fine. Perhaps the interior really looks like the 80s but it really doesn’t matter as long as the food is decent and yeah,  every dessert lover will succumb to the kueh kueh galore that this restaurant has.

thanying - 7

G and I were so attracted to the kueh kueh that we told the waitress we are getting the kueh kueh buffet and started on the dessert as we waited for the other 2. A good way to start a Thai dinner indeed. From top left clockwise, it is yam kueh, jackfruit with glutinous rice, pandan with rice kueh; Couldn’t decipher the last one. Every kueh has the right consistency and are fragrant but the coconut taste wasn’t overpowering and I like that. Too much coconut somehow makes me feel queasy easily. The glutinous rice with jackfruit is best eaten when it’s drizzled with some coconut milk. You can get it at the side of the table. My favourite here would be the yam and green kueh.

thanying - 8The button kueh that has chestnut in corn jelly. Coffee jelly, yam kueh and a spread of fruit. I like it that they serve pomelo for fruits and my favourite kueh here is the yam one which has strands of carrots in it. Well, I actually love all the kueh and had three servings! The all you can eat dessert costs $9 only!

thanying - 2We also had our mains of course after the dessert. Papaya salad that was really crunchy and I like the sauce it is tossed in. Very refreshing indeed. $18.

thanying - 3

thanying - 4The green chicken curry is quite spicy, so be careful if you are not good at chilli. But I still find it flavourful and the peas are quite different here. It isn’t very soft and doesn’t taste like mashed. The skin is slightly tough a bit but once it’s broken the inside is soft. Weird peas but I like the texture though. About $18.

thanying - 5Boneless chicken stuffed with minced chicken meat. Chicken was well fried but maybe a little overfried as it’s a little too brown. Skin was crispy tho and the fillings tasted pretty flavourful. Somehow I like boneless chicken a lot, esp when it goes with the special chilli sauce. $18.

thanying - 6Seafood vermicelli. This tasted pretty normal but is still flavourful. Reminded me of what I had at Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine and I thought that the Thai style prawns vermicelli at Imperial Treasure is actually better as there is more flavour to it. More lemongrass and pepper fragrance which is missing out in this dish. The taste of this dish is quite flat actually. $35.

After having the mains, Thanying is really another traditional Thai restaurant that sells traditional Thai dishes. Though they are all above average and decent and could be easily found in many other restaurants, I think what distinguishes it is its dessert buffet! Really pretty and mouth watering dessert buffet! I would recommend this place if you are really craving for some kueh! I spent $36 per person.

Verdict: A good restaurant.

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