Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine

Marina Bay Sands

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine is located on the second floor of the casino. The menu actually felt very similar to that of Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck but a little more pricey I thought. There were some hits and misses but on the whole a good restaurant still.

itfcc - 1Scallops with brocolli. Finally, it’s the first Chinese restaurant that is able to make their scallop taste not overcooked. The ones I had at imperial treasure super peking duck and crystal jade dining in were quite dry and disappointing. This one was firm, smooth and has a slight springy texture.

itfcc - 2The roast duck though wasn’t crispy and is less fragrant than the Super Peking Duck branch. Guess it’s hard to beat the restaurant that is 49th in Asia best 50!

itfcc - 3The Thai styled vermicelli prawns. Prawns were super fresh and succulent while the sauce used was pretty fragrant. Could taste pepper and lemongrass in the sauce and the vermicelli is made quite fragrant too as it soaks up the sauce.

itfcc - 4This pork rib was surprisingly very lean. Maybe not many will like it as the lean meat feels slightly overcooked but thought the texture was alright to me.

itfcc - 5This grouper fish costs us $90 for 900g and tasted really good. Steamed fish has always been my favourite. Very smooth, slippery meat and together with the simple fragrant sauce, this fish tasted heavenly. Very well cooked and it was reduced to its bones by one of our dining companions.

On the whole, Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine is a restaurant I felt worth going to but its sister restaurant, the Super Peking Duck one, is definitely better. Spent $55 per person for this meal and there were about 6 of us. It was still a really great night out with these long-time-no-see HC friends. Had so much catching up done and am glad that everyone is doing so well now.

Verdict: A good restaurant. (Worth a visit)

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